Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun weekend moments

Little Elvis had some very rough moments this weekend, but he had a great day on Sunday. We took the boys to my grandparents' church for their anniversary. All three boys through a worship service... very scary. Especially since Baby Plum stays in the nursery at our church and Little Elvis leaves during Childrens' Time.

We had no clue what to expect, but they were all great. Cheese Puff slept, Baby Plum colored, sang, broke church pew pencils, laid down on the floor and only had one melt down -- some man gave him an orange sucker and he was much better. Little Elvis played with two of his Cars 2 cars and snuggled with Coachpa.

I think my grandparents were happy that we came.
The older boys rode home with Gram and Coachpa. Apparently, they had a lot of reading to do. This whole do-exactly-what-my-older-brother-does phase is very cute.
On Friday night, Baby Plum spent the night with Gram. Little Elvis was stuck screaming in his room at home. It was a fit to end all fits. I think Baby Plum loved the extra time with Gram by himself and he also had fun playing on the ipad.
Cheese Puff also got to hang out with my mom some on Saturday by himself. She said he had lots of fun. He really enjoys laying on the floor and kicking (and spinning!)

The younger boys and I went to my other grandmother's this morning. I forgot that Baby Plum's speech was cancelled. I think they had fun. Although, to be honest, Baby Plum seems to always have fun.

Little Elvis now asks what we did when he gets in the car after school. He's realized that our worlds don't stop while he's at school. He was upset last time we went to Granny's without him. He said, "Let's go. I get to see Granny, too."