Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey Maverick!

My little Maverick riding shotgun while the "Iceman" drives.

Little Elvis, Cheese Puff and I went on a school field trip last Friday to a local zoo-type thing. I didn't want to do it. Four hours with his class, wearing my breastfed baby who eats way too often for me to pump. I grumbled for a week.

But, it was fun and it went really well. Cheese Puff was quite happy in the Snuggli. Little Elvis behaved very well. The weather was pretty and the other kids were also pretty good. I think one little girl in his class has decided the way to Little Elvis' heart is through his mommy. She was very into me. I should have told her that cars and movies are more likely to do the trick, but I'm fine with his current anti-girl stance.

While we were waiting to get onto the trolley pulled by a tractor (we are in the deep south) Little Elvis was talking with his best friend and some other little boys. His best friend has a new baby sister who was born in December. Little Elvis said his buddy had a baby sister. Then he turned to me and Cheese Puff and said, "This is my baby." Not his baby brother. His baby. He's so proud of both of his brothers. Whenever we go somewhere with Baby Plum, he makes sure to introduce his bruvver.

We forgot to bring sunscreen to an Easter Egg hunt. My solution? Wear your basket on your head. Sweet boy did this for about 10 minutes until the hunt began.Grandpa Stew and Gramma Shan sent them their Easter presents last week. While they loved their bubble guns and books, the box provided a good bit of fun. Baby Plum set it out and then tore on it until was kind of a stadium seat. Once it was ready, he got his frog and dinosaur and was ready for a ride. Little Elvis couldn't resist going along for the ride.

We're so lucky that the boys play together pretty well. They do have spats, but they also do a great job together.

Yesterday we met some friends at the mall play area. We stopped at Chick-fil-A for a free soda (I can't pass up a free soda) and Little Elvis told the girl ringing us up that Cheese Puff was his best friend. He thought a bit, and said that Baby Plum was his best friend, too.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

It makes me all kinds of happy when I hear my boys talking about how much they like each other - sounds like it's the same for you. ;-)

You've got some great photos in here. I think the first one is my favorite!

Glad the field trip went well.

2:52 PM  

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