Monday, April 02, 2012

Knocked noggin

Baby Plum had a rough weekend. Both older boys spent the night with Gram and Coachpa on Friday night. On Saturday morning, Baby Plum apparently attempted to climb onto the table and fell, hitting the back of his head hard on the ceramic tile.
This is pre-injury. Just accidentally got a picture of his pretty curls. He let them put some ice on it, and you could definitely feel the big goose egg. We went to our church Easter egg hunt, and he was able to play on the bouncies.

Then we went to Sam's for lunch (more for us than the boys, who had been gorging on sweets.) While there, Baby Plum climbed up on a table, and fell off, whacking the same spot on the concrete floor.

He was bawling. I picked him and carried him to Bob. I'm sure people thought I was mean (I kissed and cooed the whole way) but if Bob is around, Baby Plum wants him. He wants his daddy first and foremost.

Bob calmed him. I gave him some of my soda, because he is my child and soda always makes me feel better. We called Nurselink. They said to take him to the MedServe clinic since we were so close.

But Baby Plum stopped crying. We walked around a bit, and the sniffling started up again. This is normal behavior for Little Elvis, who will relive accidents in his mind and bawl. But it's not for Baby Plum. We saw a woman in a t-shirt about nursing and asked her. She said to take him just to be on the safe side.

So Bob took Baby Plum to MedServe, while Little Elvis, Cheese Puff and I bebopped around Sam's. We were there about 2 hours, and both boys were great for me.

We nursed in the big bathroom stall (which I haven't done since Little Elvis was a baby, and I still hate it.) Little Elvis chattered about Mommy Milk the entire time. I'm sure the people who heard us (and everyone in the bathroom did, because Little Elvis is loud) thought we were nuts.

We then played on the furniture, watched the Cars 2 preview on the TV right beside the guy selling DirecTV. I got the hard sell. But he was nice, especially when he heard we only have 13 channels and mainly have cable for the internet.

Baby Plum was also great for Bob. The doctor said he should be fine, and they didn't take a CT scan. His knot was huge -- you could see it poking out his hair -- and it also had a cut on it.

He's doing pretty well. We mainly wash the front part of his hair, and we change his diapers with him standing up.

His biggest issue with the injury is that we won't let him jump on the bed or the trampoline, especially not with Little Elvis. Little Elvis knows his brother's head hurts, but can't seem to stop himself from trying to touch/hit that spot.

I'm hoping it will start going down soon, so they can get back to their regularly scheduled rough housing.


Blogger Jeni & Andy said...

Poor guy, as these boys gets bigger (and rougher) it makes me so nervous about future injuries. Hope his little head feels better soon.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Oh boy, not fun! Hopefully it will go away quickly.

9:13 PM  

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