Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Potty training

I guess it's been long enough since we potty-trained Little Elvis that I forgot what a pain it could be. Although the experience has been different with Baby Plum.

He flat out doesn't want to try. But he does want to sleep in the nude. Which means I deal with a big mess two times a day.

First, we put him in blanket sleepers with the button tab up top. When he figured that out, we safety-pinned the zipper. Once that no longer worked, we safety-pinned the inside of the sleeper.

When those failed, I put training pants over the diaper. That didn't really work. Duct tape on the sides of the diaper worked twice.

His overalls worked twice. We're now duct taping all the way around, and either putting him in the overalls or a safety-pinned sleeper. He seems to run out of steam against so many types of defense.

At least he has this week. I'm sure he'll outsmart us soon and I'll be back to the drawing board.

Here he is showing off the cool stickers that Ann Wyse sent us. I was trying to save them for something special, because he currently puts every sticker he finds on his tummy. I was the child who always saved my stickers for that special moment, and never ended up using them. Baby Plum is not like me. He wants to stick every sticker he finds as soon as he can. I think that's why he likes to put them on his tummy -- it's the closest thing he can find. Silly boy. I tried to save them, and unstuck them that evening. The next morning he found them and did the exact same thing.


Blogger mpotter said...

littlej loves stickers, too. and she'll just pile them up on her belly or nearby paper.
i'm like you--- never wanted to "waste" them.

ha, these kids.

good luck with the potty training.
i mean, duct tape???
you're quite innovative!

2:56 PM  
Blogger Jeni & Andy said...

Yikes, he is quite the clever kiddo! I remember reading somewhere that one mom who had the issue of her child disrobing in bed put their sleeper on backwards so they couldn't reach the zipper, would that work? Good luck with the potty training, Mason wanted nothing to do with it up until a few weeks ago. He just got it. A far cry from the year I spent training Skyler!

5:10 PM  
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