Friday, May 04, 2012

Cute pictures

Some extra cute pictures. Catching up. I have to attempt to do a real video download this evening -- Little Elvis' school play was today! Maybe not so much a play as a medley of songs about the ocean. He was cute, and so excited to see us when he walked in with his class. I teared up. We want to get him in some community theatre plays -- the child loves to be the center of attention -- but I'm going to have to get a handle on my emotions if we do that.

Baby Plum was smiling and being cute. He stuck out his tongue right when the picture took. Actually, I was taking a picture of Cheese Puff and if one of his brothers witnesses this, then I have to take a picture of said brother.
Happy baby. My parents came by yesterday evening and my dad had Cheese Puff smiling and giggling. My mom always has her phone with her (unlike me) and snapped a picture. Cheese Puff likes it when you talk to him.


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