Sunday, May 27, 2012

Something's missing

It's been quieter around our house recently, and school just let out! My parents took Little Elvis to Disney World this week. While I know he's having a blast, his presence has been missed around here.
Especially by Baby Plum. The first day without his brother, we took him to the fun splash pad. Baby Plum didn't know what to do without his older brother. He had to have me or Bob stand near and tell him where to play. When other kids got too close, or nosed in on his fun, he pouted out his lips and popped his thumb in his mouth. Poor baby.

He was better after the first day sans big brother.
He took a fun bath with his baby brother. This was Cheese Puff's first bath with a buddy. He was fine with it. He's funny. He doesn't fuss during baths or showers, but he doesn't giggle or smile either. He just takes it.
Cheese Puff has been fine during the absence. He's been smiling and giggling a lot. This was my attempt to get a picture of him with a wide open mouth smile. He loves having his chin tickled with a burp cloth. This is great because he's always spitting up or drooling. Cheese Puff also likes it when I clap his feet, make his arms do open and close and put him on my tummy for sit ups. And I did push ups over him the other night, and he loved it.

While we've been having fun this week, we're ready to have our big, loud boy back. The one that talks about snakes, fish, and flags all the time. The one who has really gotten into writing and drawing of late. The one who asks about my lips when we talk on the phone. I couldn't kiss him before he left, and he's been making sure that I'll be able to when he gets home.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Wow! What an exciting trip for Little Elvis!

I love the photo of Cheesepuff and Plum in the bathtub. So funny. Do you think Cheesepuff is kinda a serious sort - or is it only in the bathtub?

10:00 PM  

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