Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sweet Cheese Puff video

It took me a day to get the video of Baby Plum up. But the sideways video is now up. I'm hoping this video of Cheese Puff trying to roll over will go up easier.

Sweet Cheese Puff has gotten a lot better at sleeping during the day -- without me holding him. He has days where he screams and screams if I put him down. I attempted a 30 minute exercise video on Monday night. He screamed for the final 15 minutes, and I held him during the cool down.

But on Tuesday, he was fine when I laid him on his back to kick, and even slept in his swing for a bit.

The nights are still a different story. Bob and I take turns holding him. It's hard to do stuff on the computer or grade papers when holding a sweet baby. At least the older boys are in bed, so I don't have to try and play or do puzzles while holding a baby.

But he is very snuggly. Very snuggly. And I do love making him smile. He does most of his smiling during the late morning, so Daddy's missing it. Hopefully, he'll be ready to smile this afternoon when Bob gets home from work.

One of my mom's friends sent him the rocker outfits in the pictures. Aren't they cute? Bob loves them... as much as he can love clothes. I guess I should say he thinks they are cute. I don't think Bob really loves any items of clothing.


Blogger mpotter said...

glad to hear some of the sleeping is getting better.
good luck working all that out!!
i know you guys must be exhausted!

3:58 PM  

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