Saturday, June 30, 2012

Boating boys

This cute picture is old. I have three more of the older boys I'd like to publish, but can't for some reason. They are pictures my mother sent me from her phone. I used to be able to post those. Harumph.

Our two older boys are funny. And oh so different. Baby Plum seems to be the more laid back of the pair, but when he sets his mind to something, he sticks to his guns. Potty training is a huge battle of wills. He's way more willful than his parents. But, he's happy to be duct taped into his diapers, and zipped into a backwards sleeper in this heat. (We have 2 fans on him.) We're also attempting to stop the thumbsucking. And he's happy to take out his thumb when we ask. He's also happy to let us tape his thumb, and just as happy to take the tape off. He was happy for me to put the thumbsucking stuff on his thumb this evening, until he tasted it. Then he cried. I felt really bad about that. He was so happy to proffer his little thumb to me.

Both big boys spent the night with my parents last night. Baby Plum fought them on using the potty. At one point, my mom thought my dad had diapered him, but Baby Plum was bare. They didn't witness it, but somehow all of the cloth diapers we sent were peed on. He brought one to my mother. Then they found the others in the pile all wet.

As for Little Elvis. There is not a shy bone in his body. It's mind-blowing for his very reserved and socially awkward mommy. We took them to the mall to play last week, since it's so hot. First, Little Elvis kept coming up to us saying, "No one will play with me!" while his little blonde shadow followed him everywhere, copying his every move. We kept telling him that he had a built-in playmate who would love nothing better than to play with him. Once he accepted this, another set of brothers started playing with them. Then, Little Elvis starts yelling, "Everybody clap your hands!" And the oh-so-ironic teenagers walking by did. So, of course, he kept yelling louder and louder, and the teens kept clapping. Thanks to his audience, he didn't want to stop.

Baby Plum was invited to a birthday party today. It's for a little girl that's in nursery with him at church. Little Elvis wasn't going to go, because it was a "girl" party. But then he decided to go. The mother told me that all the boys were welcome, so we all went. As soon as we showed up, Little Elvis ran in and announced his presence. He does that a lot. And he's always got something to say during the children's time at church. He told the children's minister last week that she looked too young to fight Goliath. He didn't even know what he was talking about. He just wanted to talk, and once he started, he decided that saying the minister looked young was his best bet. It was. She was flattered.

Everyone in the early service knows us. At least they know him.

Needless to say, we aren't boring.