Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cheese Puff's baptism

We had Cheese Puff baptised this weekend on Father's Day. We had Little Elvis dedicated on Father's Day when he was a baby. I liked that we were able to do that. Cheese Puff got to wear the outfit that Baby Plum wore for his first Easter.
Just as I did with Baby Plum, I took the camera, and then forgot to ask my parents or grandmother to take a picture. We took these after we got home.
This sweet little boy was an angel through the baptism and throughout church. He calmly let our preacher hold him and sprinkle water on his head. He had no problem being walked around the congregation as our pastor sang a sweet lullaby. And he didn't mind getting the cross on his forehead with water.

It was a far cry from Baby Plum's experience. Baby Plum was just about a year old during his baptism and he bawled the entire time. I'm fairly certain he screamed while the pastor tried to sing the lullaby and walk around the congregation.

Once the baptism was over, the preacher commented that Cheese Puff was the perfect baby. Lots of people came up to comment on how they couldn't believe he didn't whimper or anything. I told them that with two older brothers, he was hard to rattle.

Not only was Cheese Puff good, Little Elvis and Baby Plum didn't act up too much. They had to sit through the entire service and attempt to be quiet. Those two together are not a quiet combo.

A funny side note: Little Elvis had to bring his snake and lizard to church. Several people came up to us and told him it wasn't that type of church. (His toy rubber snake and lizard.)


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Sounds like a very sweet service.

Were Little Elvis's snake and lizard real/alive? I'm trying to imagine this - and I think they must be rubber or plastic, right?

10:09 AM  
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