Saturday, June 23, 2012

Frustrated mommy

Blogger isn't letting me upload pics. It didn't yesterday either. There's a huge chance it's something I've done. Sometimes I unintentionally make inanimate objects mad at me. At least I that's what I think.

Blogger's not all that's frustrating me, though. Sometimes it's frustrating with 3 children 5 and under. We took Little Elvis to his best friend's birthday party this afternoon, then left early to go to my uncle's birthday celebration as well.

Little Elvis was a wee bit (not really so wee) whiny today. He whined at the party. They had games. He takes after his Mommy. I didn't give our oldest my shyness (thankfully!) but I did give him some other bad traits. He's not super athletic. He couldn't knock down cans and get a prize. He did try. He didn't do so well in potato sack jumping the first time, but did better the second. His fit was bad enough that a little girl who didn't know him decided to give over her prize. By that point he had done better with the potato sack jumping. He decided to keep both prizes.

As we were leaving, he tried to kiss his best friend. We haven't worked on boundaries in a year, because he seemed to realize that most people had them. Everyday this summer I've had to tell him not to kiss Cheese Puff on the mouth. So, we had to break out the only kiss Mommy and Daddy line again. He wants to parse words with me.

At this point, Baby Plum decides to break out his badness. Baby Plum hasn't really hit the terrible 2s yet. He's being polite and waiting for Little Elvis to leave them behind. But sometimes he has to test boundaries. He picked this afternoon. As a baby he was a high-pitched squealer. He did it mainly when happy. It was fun to him. He decided to start that stuff again this evening. He's also decided to do the opposite of what I say. There's no point in discussing his complete refusal to use the potty.

It made for a rough time at my uncle's house, and our following trip to Wal-Mart.

They are now in bed, but Cheese Puff is going through a growth spurt. This means he wants me to hold and feed him around the clock. He's also decided that I should be quiet while feeding him. He cries and cries if I talk.

And I was able to squeeze into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans the other day. I was happy, because I've had a harder time losing my weight after this pregnancy. Some man walked up to me in Sam's and asked if I wore a size large, because he wanted to buy a shirt for his wife. I didn't cry and was polite to him, but it really hurt my feelings. Even nursing, I'm small chested. I don't wear large tops. I'm not my usual small, but I'm a respectable medium. I definitely need to exercise more. And next time some man wants my help in the clothing aisle, I will say, "No."

But things are looking up. The older boys are catching up on sleep. Cheese Puff is calmly sitting in his exersaucer while Bob plays the mandolin. The next post will hopefully have pictures and a more positive tone.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I'm sorry. You are definitely in the trenches, with 3 who are 5 and under. I think you are totally allowed to be frustrated, what you are doing is HARD, especially when you have a busy day!

Also, bummer about blogger not letting you upload photos. Sometimes these things seem to heal themselves - I'm hoping that will happen for you.

And congratulations on the pre-pregnancy jeans! That's great! I have very little to say about that man in store. Just this: hmmmph. Men!

9:17 AM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Yuck on whiny kiddos, we are definitely experiencing our fair share of that around here. That and fighting, ohhhh the fighting. And I would have felt the same way about the man in the store. Subsequent pregnancies are always a little harder bouncing back, less and less time to focus on yourself with the littles :).

12:33 AM  

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