Thursday, June 28, 2012

More on Cheese Puff

Sweet Cheese Puff. Sometimes I feel like he gets the short end of the stick on the blog. He gets lots of actual attention from us, but I'm bad about having the camera out. And then when it's time to blog, I guess I just devote more to his brothers.

He's 4 months old now. He loves playing in his exersaucer and laying on his little playmat and pulling on the toys that dangle over his head. He also seems to really love Little Elvis. Little Elvis loves to dote on his baby, but he's sometimes aggressive with the doting. When he's not too rough, Cheese Puff just beams at him. Baby Plum's a little rough still. He sometimes wants to be helpful, though. If Cheese Puff is crying, Baby Plum searches for a pacifier and tries to jam it in Cheese Puff's mouth.

Cheese Puff has become more tolerant of the swing. He sits in it peacefully for several minutes at a time. And we broke out the doorway jumper for his 4 month birthday. He's at a pretty good stage. When we're trying to cook (or do one of our many house projects,) we can rotate him around. He goes from the swing to the exersaucer, to the playmat, to the Bumbo, to the doorway jumper.

It helps that Little Elvis will play with him in several of those... sometimes. Other times Little Elvis gets wild and loud. He starts screaming and laughing maniacally, and it scares Cheese Puff. Sweet baby pops out his lower lip, starts sniffling and then bawls.

So, Cheese Puff doesn't like very loud noises. He does like tickles, cheek kisses, nose kisses, cuddles, hugs, silly faces, standing, silly voices, raspberries on his tummy, sucking on any hand he can get into his mouth, and being held. If you hold him, you pretty much can't go wrong.

He's started putting an arm on the shoulder or neck of the person holding him. It's like a half hug. Baby Plum would "hug" you when you picked him up around this age. It's super-sweet. I love my Cheese Puff half-hugs.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I remember those little half hugs - I think both my kids did them. It always kind of felt like they are saying, "Hey! You are my buddy! I like you!"

I love his smile in the photo! He looks very content - and maybe a little too wise - for his young age!

12:08 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

aaaahhh i keep remembering not to forget these sweet pieces of baby. those chubby little half hugs (and when she would pat me, too! ... melt)

littlegirl is about to be four. thanks for the reminders!

7:53 PM  

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