Thursday, June 07, 2012

New shirts and encyclopedias

My mom bought Baby Plum and Cheese Puff some new shirts. They happily posed for her.
Baby Plum loves Handy Manny. He now has 4 Handy Manny shirts. He chooses to wear them all the time. I'm pretty sure he's never seen Handy Manny, because it's not on Disney. At least not when we watch. But, he loves the character.
Cheese Puff got a shirt about loving Mississippi. I think he looks like he's in a hair cutting cape, which is makes me giggle.
Little Elvis, Shutterbug is at it again. We push all of the furniture around in our living room to play Xbox. It's much neater now. It's been a busy week. By the way, Baby Plum is wearing his first Handy Manny shirt here. He used to wear it at least 2-3 times a week. That might change now that he's got a new one.
This is the Sn encyclopedia. Little Elvis is not only obsessed with snakes, he's also obsessed with encyclopedias. We ended up with hand me down encyclopedias from 1991. I wanted to make bookshelves with them. We made one. Little Elvis discovered them. I believe we may be stuck with actual encyclopedias from 1991. It's my fault. He kept asking me questions about flags. I couldn't answer them, and prefer not to turn on the computer when he and Baby Plum are awake. So, I said we'd look it up in the encyclopedia. His world has expanded. We've looked up fish, snakes, cats, insects and Canada. Open encyclopedias are in most rooms in our house now. But it is cool that he likes them so much. It has changed the questions he asks. They are much harder now.


Blogger mpotter said...

man, i'm so jealous! i hope when the little gets older i'll be able to FIND an encyclopedia set.

that (much like the cheap camera she is currently playing with as i type--- that took FILM) is such a lost art.

from having to know the alphabet to typing "how does....." in google.

so glad you have that!
and awesome that LE is enthralled. of course he is. the computer just doesn't look like that.

and, yes. a haircutting bib. so funny!

8:49 AM  
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