Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Patience and meerkats

Right after I initially butchered Little Elvis' hair, he demanded to hold Cheese Puff. Who was I to say no, since I had just nicked his ear and given him a a crazy haircut?
Thankfully, Cheese Puff is fairly laid back about his brothers' attention. He handles it pretty well, for the most part.
We took the boys to the zoo last Friday. They had a good time. It's a nice zoo. We watched a sea lion show, went to the herpetarium twice to look at snakes, and played on the playground. I like this photo of Baby Plum.
My favorites were the meerkats. I love them. We used to watch "Meerkat Manor." Aren't they cute little guys?
The zoo didn't wear Cheese Puff out. He's actually awake. He looked so cute with his rolls and posing on his arm, but I couldn't get a shot of him with his eyes open.