Monday, June 25, 2012

We have some success!

Some of my pictures are uploading!

This is pretty common Little Elvis these days. It's his first reaction to everything. But he's working on it. My goal is for him to be able to control his emotions a little better by the start of school. Yes, he's holding a toothbrush and an orange marker. I don't remember what this fit was about, but if I had to guess, I'd say he couldn't get the lid back on the marker.
This is a very happy picture of a very sweet baby. He still doesn't like for me to talk while nursing. It started a couple of weeks ago. I was nursing, and Wally jumped on the table. Bob and the boys were outside, so I had to yell at Wally. My snapping hurt my baby's feelings. Since then, he's been very sensitive about me talking during his meal.

But not too much fussing. He's been sleeping until 5 most mornings, and even slept until 7 on Sunday! Last night, not so much, but I'm thrilled about making it until 5. He's still in the carseat.

Hopefully we'll be able to get him in the crib since he doesn't like the bassinet.
This baby peed in the potty twice today. The second time was under duress. He thought Daddy was going to take Little Elvis and Cheese Puff to the mall without us. He finally said, "Ok Mommy. I'll do it."

We also attempted to put both older boys in their bedroom this evening. Bob finally split them up after 8. I think they both were upset, but neither would have slept. We had to go back several times. Then Baby Plum came running out at one point to tell me his brother requested water. Little Elvis knows better. But Baby Plum realized that I was watching television, and decided he'd rather sit out with me and watch TV than sit in the dark bedroom with his brother.

My goal for him by summer? Peeing in the potty without massive bribes and sleeping in his new bed.

My goal for myself is to exercise more and be more helpful to Bob in all of our projects. I was able to wear another pair of pre-pregnancy pants! Not my skinny ones, but they give me hope.


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