Friday, July 27, 2012

Picture catchup

Five pictures! Score! So, it's catch up time.
My birthday was last weekend. It wasn't the best day. Little Elvis is just having a very rough time. Can't do much when you need to keep someone in time out. Still, he and Baby Plum did sing "Happy Birthday" to me, after fighting over guitars. Little Elvis got the guitar, while Baby Plum strummed the ukelele.
Cheese Puff can't believe that I'm so old. I know, man. I know.
Poor thing goes from stunned in the exersaucer, to tolerant in his brother's arms. Today, I caught Baby Plum trying to pick him up. Thankfully, it was impossible.
My older boys playing in lake water. This isn't fun for me now that I know so much about water mocassins.
A cuter watermelon picture than the one that I took.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Searching for solutions

I was able to do two photos this evening! It wouldn't let me do three, though. I'm not sure that it's blogger. My internet connection has been super slow for a couple of weeks now. I tried to get it re-sent, but when I called in, the whole area was out. Hopefully it will speed up soon.
Here's a picture of Bob playing with Cheese Puff. Glasses have to come off when playing with our chubby little cherub. He likes glasses.

Bob's been really sick. He coughed and coughed last week. I made him a doctor's appointment for yesterday. He went without complaint, and it turned out that he was very sick. He's still not sleeping well due to the coughs, but he says he feels better.
Here our big boys enjoy some watermelon. Baby Plum loves just about all types of fresh fruit -- except for blueberries and raspberries. Little Elvis likes those fruits, but isn't really into other fruits. They agree on watermelon, though

We're battling them both right now, over very different things. Little Elvis has had a very bad attitude recently. He doesn't say please, thank you, ma'am or sir without constant prodding. He makes constant demands. If he puts something in the trash for me, he expects a treat. If he doesn't get his way, he immediately launches into a fit. And he won't stay out of Cheese Puff's face. I can't seem to make him realize that Cheese Puff is not a doll.

But Little Elvis isn't the only one receiving fusses. No. Baby Plum has become quite the escape artist. We've been attempting to put them in the same bedroom for weeks. It's not working at all. Baby Plum just leaves. He wanders around the house. He eats bananas, tries to watch TV, makes a mess in the bathroom, he even brought us the canola oil last night. I think it was dark, and he was trying to find the peanut butter.

We've tried several different tricks to keep him in the room, but usually end up putting him back in the nursery. We moved his crib in there last week. And he learned how to scale the side. Now the crib is back in its old spot. And he's still climbing out of it to explore the house.Nothing deters our little escape artist.

The people I talk to about this all say that their kids that room together have always roomed together, so they've not fought this battle.

Needless to say, I feel like all I'm doing these days is fussing at my older boys. School is about to start and they are nowhere near ready to sleep in the same room.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mr. Grabby

So, apparently I can only do one picture per post.

Cheese Puff has gotten to be quite the little grabby guy. He loves his feet. They make him very happy, and are right up there with his ring toys. He likes to pull his pacifier out and put it back in.

He also likes hair, and his grip is strong!

I remembered the other day that Little Elvis had a toy around this age called a Baby Buzzer that he loved. He wore it out, I forgot about it with Baby Plum. I ordered one for Cheese Puff from Amazon. He's a fan. Little Elvis and Baby Plum also like it. It can buzz, play music and light up. It has rubbery ears and a mirror. It's great.

Anyway, I love this sweet picture of him holding his feet and smiling. He's a happy little boy, for the most part. If he's hungry, well I need to feed him immediately.

We tried rice cereal a couple of weeks ago, and his skin broke out in a rash where the food touched him. We were told to wait 2 weeks before trying again. This evening, his head is rashy. We bathed him, but it didn't go away. I think he might have very sensitive skin.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy birthday, America!

So, still having picture problems. My patience is getting better.

We had fun on the 4th. We took the boys to a friend's 4th party. They had inflatable/water things! Two great things that went very well together, at least according to Little Elvis and Baby Plum.

They also painted faces. Little Elvis got a flag on one cheek and S A on the other. It's for Super America. I didn't realize it looked like USA, minus the U until we got home.

Baby Plum didn't want his face painted. We were fine with that.

We also headed up to my parents' cabin. I have cute watermelon eating photos. But Blogger doesn't like them.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Cow's birthday!

Friday was that time of year again. The time when Grandpa Stew drives down to see us, and we all dress like cows to get free meals at Chick-Fil-A!
This year everyone dressed up, except for Cheese Puff. The boys were told they were the cutest cows. One of the workers even had me take her picture with them. Baby Plum's hat was a little on the small side, and he hates hats, so he didn't want to keep it on.
Here Grandpa Stew posed with our only non-cow. Cheese Puff will have a blast next year. He'll be a very cute cow, too.
Even the Chick-Fil-A cow was impressed with our herd. I think the day is officially called Cow Appreciation Day, but Little Elvis dubbed it the cow's birthday. He was in camp that morning, and when I went to pick him up, he wanted his cow outfit, so he could celebrate the cow's birthday.

I believe they had the best costumes of the day. The manager said they'd feature us (mainly the guys) on their facebook page.

It was a very fun time.

(I know it's Monday, and this happened on Friday. Still having issues getting my photos up. I believe I must be attempting to do it at the busiest time.)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Small steps

We're finally getting somewhere in our attempts to potty train Baby Plum.
Here he is wearing his daddy's shoes while he contemplates taking the big step of using the potty. He will now happily use the potty for us when we ask... provided we give him something in return.
Like a Drumstick. He saw these in the store and wanted them. I ended up finding a coupon and getting some on sale. They sat in our freezer for weeks while we waited for some sort of success.
Little Elvis knew they were there, and had been trying to encourage his brother to use the potty so he could get one.

The Drumsticks were a big success.
He loved the chocolate, ice cream and peanut combo.
And he seemed pretty happy to wear his big boy pants. That he peed in a few minutes later. While he's pretty happy to go when we ask now, he's not quite to the telling us when he needs to go.

The Drumstick bribe only worked once. He's also peed for lollipops, combing my hair (seriously), and getting to listen to his favorite songs on the ipod.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Elvis' loves

Little Elvis is still a huge fan of our 1991 encyclopedias. His favorite is still the Sn book. He's pretty much obsessed with snakes. Yesterday I got to read a book about hognose snakes. They are poisonous, but not deadly for humans. (Please excuse the mess. There are two pairs of my shoes in this picture. I am just as messy as the boys.)
When not discussing snakes, we talk about geography. He found this dot-to-dot of Florida. Once he finished connecting the dots, he decided to add the cities. I helped him sound them out to spell them. Bob was really impressed with Little Elvis' location selection. He wanted to put Tallahassee, Orlando and Miami on the map, along with the Gulf of Mexico. Bob found him two big wall maps on clearance at Wal-Mart. Both are hanging on his wall. One is of the U.S., and the other of the world. The world map has flags around the border and lists every country. We've been talking about continents, countries, states, cities, capitols, towns, provinces, counties, etc.
Here he's looking up flags. The F encyclopedia is also very interesting.

He's pointing at Brazil's flag -- it's his favorite. It is a pretty flag.
And here he is entertaining his "best friend." We were riding home the other evening. It was about an hour and a half trip. Cheese Puff was not happy. Little Elvis kept trying to give Cheese Puff a pacifier, and made up a song to keep him entertained. It was called, "Wiggly Pacifier."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All my boys together

Finally! My pictures are starting to come through!
Little Elvis dotes on Cheese Puff. He truly adores his baby. We have to get onto him when he gets way too close, but he's just mimicking what we do around the baby. It's very sweet. Baby Plum tries to dote like Little Elvis, but Baby Plum's a lot more rough, and usually makes Cheese Puff cry.
I love this picture.
These are the first baby pics of each of our babies. They look similar, but the ages are different. In infant time, a couple of weeks make a huge difference. Little Elvis is on the left and he's either 2 or 4 weeks old. Baby Plum is in the middle, and he's about 5 weeks old. Cheese Puff is on the right and he's 6 weeks.
Here's our professional picture of all three at the same time. They all did really well. The photographer seemed to have a lot of fun. We also did a single pose with each boy. She told me that Little Elvis looked just like me, something I never hear. Never. We always hear that he looks like his daddy, while Baby Plum looks more like me. At first, we thought Cheese Puff would look more like Little Elvis, but he's starting to favor Baby Plum more. Cheese Puff is more like Little Elvis at this point in his life, though. He's not a fan of sleep and he drools up a storm. I'm going to have to organize his bibs. The cute little cloth ones aren't going to cut it anymore.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sweet pictures

The older boys participated in my parents' church's VBS at the beginning of the summer. They came home with a lot of stuff. You know, all the Oriental Trading Company stuff. I feel guilty about all the waste, but I dispose of it as soon as I can.

But there was one thing each boy made that I loved.
They painted these cute little wooden picture frames! I love the pictures, too. Little Elvis is obviously about to say, "Cheese!" and Baby Plum's doing his sweet, shy smile.

We hung them up in the playroom. Both boys love seeing their frames and faces. I guess most of the pictures we have hanging around aren't on their level. Baby Plum goes up to his quite often and says, "Baby Plum!"

I have several more cute pictures, but even patience isn't working now. Will try again tomorrow.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

I can't stop kissing these cheeks

Poor Cheese Puff keeps getting little pimples on his cheeks. I'm fairly certain my need to kiss those chubby cheeks all the time is the cause. He smiles a big happy baby smile when I do it, and I almost never wear lipstick. Those are my excuses
What he looks like after a good meal. Not only am I fan of chubby baby cheeks, I also LOVE dimpled baby hands. And who doesn't love the open mouth sleep of babies?
He's trying to catch his pacifier in his mouth.
He gave up, and gave me a nice profile/in deep thought pose instead.

We broke out the doorway jumper for his 4 month birthday. He's kind of impressed. Little Elvis loved it. Baby Plum did not. Cheese Puff's somewhere in the middle.
He does love the exersaucer, though. It's something all three boys agreed on. Cheese Puff sucks on his lower lip some, so I had to get a picture of it. When Cheese Puff was first born he made the sweetest little "ooo" face. I couldn't catch it on camera, and he stopped doing it weeks ago. I had to make sure to catch the lip sucking.

Cheese Puff is not really into rolling. I did catch him rolling from his tummy to his back, though. When on his back, he just tries to do situps. He's a funny little boy.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Patience is not my virtue

So, if I had been very patient, most of my pictures would have eventually downloaded. Patience is something I don't possess.

These are from a couple of weeks ago. My parents took the boys to the mall. My mom said they were funny. Little Elvis ran everywhere, and his shadow followed. When Little Elvis got into the Jeep, Baby Plum joined him and they squeezed the children already sitting in the car out. I like how Little Elvis has his hand on Baby Plum's back. We talked him into helping Baby Plum put on shoes the other day, and he seemed to realize that he was capable of helping his little brother out... sometimes.
They were most likely fighting a little bit over this thing.
Goofy guy caught himself with the net. "It was THIS big!" This is from their trip to the cabin a while ago.

I have a picture of Little Elvis counting his worms, but it's not downloading. He gets my dad to give him all sorts of rubber fishing worms, and then names them, counts them and tries to bring them home. Once home, they inevitably get torn and then fits ensue. Mommy does not like those stinky (they stink like dead fish, because most have been used) worms.