Saturday, July 07, 2012

I can't stop kissing these cheeks

Poor Cheese Puff keeps getting little pimples on his cheeks. I'm fairly certain my need to kiss those chubby cheeks all the time is the cause. He smiles a big happy baby smile when I do it, and I almost never wear lipstick. Those are my excuses
What he looks like after a good meal. Not only am I fan of chubby baby cheeks, I also LOVE dimpled baby hands. And who doesn't love the open mouth sleep of babies?
He's trying to catch his pacifier in his mouth.
He gave up, and gave me a nice profile/in deep thought pose instead.

We broke out the doorway jumper for his 4 month birthday. He's kind of impressed. Little Elvis loved it. Baby Plum did not. Cheese Puff's somewhere in the middle.
He does love the exersaucer, though. It's something all three boys agreed on. Cheese Puff sucks on his lower lip some, so I had to get a picture of it. When Cheese Puff was first born he made the sweetest little "ooo" face. I couldn't catch it on camera, and he stopped doing it weeks ago. I had to make sure to catch the lip sucking.

Cheese Puff is not really into rolling. I did catch him rolling from his tummy to his back, though. When on his back, he just tries to do situps. He's a funny little boy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that thoughtful pose of his had me thinking of little elvis!

enjoy the chubbiness..... it's a shame these kids have to grow up!

3:22 PM  
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