Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Elvis' loves

Little Elvis is still a huge fan of our 1991 encyclopedias. His favorite is still the Sn book. He's pretty much obsessed with snakes. Yesterday I got to read a book about hognose snakes. They are poisonous, but not deadly for humans. (Please excuse the mess. There are two pairs of my shoes in this picture. I am just as messy as the boys.)
When not discussing snakes, we talk about geography. He found this dot-to-dot of Florida. Once he finished connecting the dots, he decided to add the cities. I helped him sound them out to spell them. Bob was really impressed with Little Elvis' location selection. He wanted to put Tallahassee, Orlando and Miami on the map, along with the Gulf of Mexico. Bob found him two big wall maps on clearance at Wal-Mart. Both are hanging on his wall. One is of the U.S., and the other of the world. The world map has flags around the border and lists every country. We've been talking about continents, countries, states, cities, capitols, towns, provinces, counties, etc.
Here he's looking up flags. The F encyclopedia is also very interesting.

He's pointing at Brazil's flag -- it's his favorite. It is a pretty flag.
And here he is entertaining his "best friend." We were riding home the other evening. It was about an hour and a half trip. Cheese Puff was not happy. Little Elvis kept trying to give Cheese Puff a pacifier, and made up a song to keep him entertained. It was called, "Wiggly Pacifier."


Blogger mpotter said...

loving the geography stuff.
still jealous you have encyclopedias!
and i was surprised/impressed by elvis' printing!

omg they grow up, don't they??

10:45 PM  

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