Friday, July 20, 2012

Mr. Grabby

So, apparently I can only do one picture per post.

Cheese Puff has gotten to be quite the little grabby guy. He loves his feet. They make him very happy, and are right up there with his ring toys. He likes to pull his pacifier out and put it back in.

He also likes hair, and his grip is strong!

I remembered the other day that Little Elvis had a toy around this age called a Baby Buzzer that he loved. He wore it out, I forgot about it with Baby Plum. I ordered one for Cheese Puff from Amazon. He's a fan. Little Elvis and Baby Plum also like it. It can buzz, play music and light up. It has rubbery ears and a mirror. It's great.

Anyway, I love this sweet picture of him holding his feet and smiling. He's a happy little boy, for the most part. If he's hungry, well I need to feed him immediately.

We tried rice cereal a couple of weeks ago, and his skin broke out in a rash where the food touched him. We were told to wait 2 weeks before trying again. This evening, his head is rashy. We bathed him, but it didn't go away. I think he might have very sensitive skin.