Friday, July 27, 2012

Picture catchup

Five pictures! Score! So, it's catch up time.
My birthday was last weekend. It wasn't the best day. Little Elvis is just having a very rough time. Can't do much when you need to keep someone in time out. Still, he and Baby Plum did sing "Happy Birthday" to me, after fighting over guitars. Little Elvis got the guitar, while Baby Plum strummed the ukelele.
Cheese Puff can't believe that I'm so old. I know, man. I know.
Poor thing goes from stunned in the exersaucer, to tolerant in his brother's arms. Today, I caught Baby Plum trying to pick him up. Thankfully, it was impossible.
My older boys playing in lake water. This isn't fun for me now that I know so much about water mocassins.
A cuter watermelon picture than the one that I took.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

What great photos! (and I'm so happy that blogger let you upload them.)

Happy Belated Birthday!

8:58 AM  
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