Saturday, July 14, 2012

Small steps

We're finally getting somewhere in our attempts to potty train Baby Plum.
Here he is wearing his daddy's shoes while he contemplates taking the big step of using the potty. He will now happily use the potty for us when we ask... provided we give him something in return.
Like a Drumstick. He saw these in the store and wanted them. I ended up finding a coupon and getting some on sale. They sat in our freezer for weeks while we waited for some sort of success.
Little Elvis knew they were there, and had been trying to encourage his brother to use the potty so he could get one.

The Drumsticks were a big success.
He loved the chocolate, ice cream and peanut combo.
And he seemed pretty happy to wear his big boy pants. That he peed in a few minutes later. While he's pretty happy to go when we ask now, he's not quite to the telling us when he needs to go.

The Drumstick bribe only worked once. He's also peed for lollipops, combing my hair (seriously), and getting to listen to his favorite songs on the ipod.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Hurray! I think this all sounds like great progress! Even the fact that the drumsticks only worked once might be okay - you won't have to search for more coupons!

I love his curls (of course!)!

10:46 PM  
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