Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sweet pictures

The older boys participated in my parents' church's VBS at the beginning of the summer. They came home with a lot of stuff. You know, all the Oriental Trading Company stuff. I feel guilty about all the waste, but I dispose of it as soon as I can.

But there was one thing each boy made that I loved.
They painted these cute little wooden picture frames! I love the pictures, too. Little Elvis is obviously about to say, "Cheese!" and Baby Plum's doing his sweet, shy smile.

We hung them up in the playroom. Both boys love seeing their frames and faces. I guess most of the pictures we have hanging around aren't on their level. Baby Plum goes up to his quite often and says, "Baby Plum!"

I have several more cute pictures, but even patience isn't working now. Will try again tomorrow.


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