Monday, August 27, 2012

A day with Baby Plum

These pictures were taken over several days, but they are a pretty accurate pictoral of our daily activities while Little Elvis and Daddy are gone.
Ok, this first one isn't. It's Baby Plum listening to Pawpaw's stomach. It's just a cute picture that I wanted to include.
Baby Plum loves games. For at least 2 minutes. He's become my little event planner. He has two games that he likes -- Chutes and Ladders and this crazy Cat in the Hat game I bought at a yard sale. It's convoluted, and we don't exactly understand it. Baby Plum made up his own version. He takes the little letter disks and puts them on the corresponding letters around the mat. At least he does that on some days. On others, we take it out, lay it out, and then ball it up to go back into the box, so we can then pull out the Chutes and Ladders game. Chutes and Ladders has a puzzle with it. We then make that puzzle, and will do some other puzzles as well.
We also try on other people's shoes. Here he is walking a few stesp in Daddy's tennis shoes. He also will change shirts several times a day. He's a grass is greener little boy. When I'm folding clothes, that shirt that just came out of the dryer looks much better than the one he's wearing. Other times, he just goes into his room and digs out the shirt he wants to wear.

I don't always put the boys' clothes up right away after folding. I sometimes just put them in their bedroom. Baby Plum's taken to "helping" me put those away. He puts all of the clothes in his drawers. But he puts them in the correct drawers.
He's my little do-it-myselfer. The complete opposite of his brother. When Baby Plum is hungry, he goes and gets what he wants. Usually, a banana or orange. Now that he can open the fridge, he pulls out cheese sticks or slices. He's recently taken to pretending that bananas are phones. He knows we think it's cute.
This is an old sewing table that my dad put a wooden top on for me years ago. Bob rounded the corners for me when we moved here and I painted it red. It's just an end table for us, but it's a car for Baby Plum. We have to push the furniture out of the way to use the Xbox, and he likes to drive while I set up our dancing game. We dance most days. We didn't today, because he had tummy troubles. I've been needing to exercise, and it's a very fun way to do that.
He finally passed out after a day of very hard playing last week. The first week school was back in session he fought me on naps, then he passed out while we were in the pick up line to get Little Elvis. A 15 minute nap wasn't doing it. I forced him to go in the room early last week, and he would wreck the room until I set him free. I ended up taking us to the pick up line early, so he could get at least a 30 minute nap. But halfway through, he started passing out around 1 in the afternoon. In this picture, there's a new shirt of Little Elvis' that Baby Plum took out of the closet, he's holding a little ceramic car that we put on a high shelf, and the chair is upside down. He's quiet, but very mischievous when left to his own devices.

I don't have a picture, but Baby Plum also sings a lot. He loves to sing. He likes to "play" his guitar and sing. When he's finished, he'll bow and say, "Thank you, thank you very much." I will have to get video. It's cute. He likes lots of kid songs like "London Bridge" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider." He also likes the Rolling Stones, the Beastie Boys and several newer pop songs. Both of our older boys are big fans of fun. and Neon Trees. What type of music does Baby Plum not like? Daddy's old timey music. He usually tells me he likes most songs, but the other day he told Bob he did NOT like one of his songs. I laughed and laughed over that.

I have one other picture that wouldn't take. It's of Baby Plum posing by Cheese Puff. Baby Plum is starting to pay more attention to his baby brother. Cheese Puff finds Baby Plum hilarious, and I think that helps.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

What beautiful hair he has! I know it's kind of off topic, but...I have such a hard time not mentioning it because it's just so beautiful!

The food and laundry things made me smile - he's got survival skills.... Like, you could go on a grownup vacation and rest assured you'll come back to well-fed children and a tidy house. ;-) (I'm kidding, of course.)

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