Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So... I'm not on my computer. I have some cute pictures and probably lots of things to catch up, but I don't have access to the pictures.

School began last week. I was excited about getting the long break in the early afternoons that I used to get. Baby Plum was excited about getting the house and the planning of daily activities to himself. His plans do not include naps anymore. He needs one. I need for him to take one. Cheese Puff might also benefit.

Today, he did finally pass out around 1:30. But Cheese Puff was not asleep, and I needed to pack us all up to pick Little Elvis up about 45 minutes later. Not enough time to log on and get anything accomplished. Especially since our internet keeps going down.

At night, Cheese Puff wants to be held, fed and played with. Poor baby is cutting his first tooth. I think he's over the worst of the pain now. Monday and Tuesday were pretty rough for him. At this very moment, he's laying on his little mat staring at my computer. He wants attention.

That's why I've not been posting.

But, stuff is happening. Cheese Puff is cutting his first tooth! And while he hasn't been a fan of rice or barley, he loves sweet peas. He laps them up.

Baby Plum is obsessed with our Xbox Kinect. He loves the Just Dance Kids 2 game. We do at least 12 songs a day. He really does try to do some of the dances. But he really loves to sing along with his favorites. At the moment, he loves "Are you sleeping?" in both English and French. He also really likes "I'm a Gummy Bear." I have no idea what language this song is in, or what it's really about. But we all really like this song. He also likes the "Shimmy Shake" by the Wiggles (and his shimmy is really cute) and "Jump Up" by the Imagination Movers. He likes the jumping and getting down part of that song.

There's a song from "Despicable Me" that we all like. The first line is, "I'm having a bad, bad day." When Little Elvis pitches his fits, I sometimes sing this song and shake my fists. It makes him angry, but it's also funny. He doesn't really know what to do, but it can sometimes stop the escalation of a big fit... sometimes.

Little Elvis is doing a lot more coloring, drawing and writing. His teacher was surprised when I said he only recently started writing without complaining. She said he writes all the time. And he colored a map for us the other day. I believe it was Little Elvis World. He colored the entire thing! That's pretty amazing to us. He's even been coloring things that he draws.

We went to a swim party this weekend. We left Cheese Puff with my parents. That way we had one adult per boy, which we knew we would need. Little Elvis and Baby Plum wanted to jump off the diving board. Bob got in place to catch them, while I made sure Baby Plum stayed in line.

Little Elvis went first. Bob made sure he made it to the ladder, and then went to catch Baby Plum. Little Elvis decided that it was time to really swim, so he started swimming from the deep end to the shallow end. No prodding on our part -- and usually we have to prod him to really swim. I followed along the edge of the pool, cheering for him. He did a great job! And he did that several times. He was pretty much doing an underwater swim. We were so proud of him, especially since he chose to do it himself.

Baby Plum isn't swimming yet, but that child is not scared of the water. He would just fling himself off of the diving board to his daddy. No fear. I am so, so glad that we don't have a pool. He's kind of scary.

He's also talking and singing a whole lot more. It's fun finding out what's going on in his little head. He's picking up some of my habits already. Apparently I say, "Ok," and "alright," all the time. And I frustrate Bob by always asking him what he's doing. Baby Plum will sit at his stool and eat a snack while I cook, and ask me at least ten times, "Mommy, what are you doing?" "What are you doing, Mommy?"

While I don't think Baby Plum really misses Little Elvis that much, he does ask me several times a day where Little Elvis and Daddy are. My answer never changes, but he just likes to be reassured I guess.

My goal tomorrow is to get on my computer post pictures. They keep getting cuter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life takes time. The Blog can wait.
Grandpa Stew

12:00 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

so many great antics!
what are you doing?? that's funny. it's amazing how we have to teach these little ones, then they pick it up in a different way.

so glad school is off to a good start. and good habits are coming home! that's fun.

all the best on getting some stuff done for yourself. get those 2 little ones to sleep!!!
so sorry.

6:18 PM  
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