Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Big kindergartener

Little Elvis started kindergarten today! His little bookbag was so heavy. I'm hoping that he gets to leave most of his gear at school.

While I'm sure some moms cry over kindergarten, I was mostly excited. Maybe because he did pre-K last year. Maybe because he loves school, and has been looking forward to it. Maybe I'm ready to get us all into a schedule of some sort. This summer, we didn't have one, and while I'm not a schedule-to-the-second type of person, life with littles is easier if there's some sort of schedule.

We met his teacher last night. She's nice and brand new. I told her that Little Elvis' teacher last year said he needed someone who was "firm, but loving." I also told her that he could read, although he'd already shown her that. And I mentioned that he does pitch fits. Our efforts to curb the fits didn't really work this summer. I'm thinking age and maturity are the only things that will stop them. I'm hoping that he will finally figure out that pitching fits doesn't help him out.

What did Little Elvis learn this summer? He learned how to swim. He's getting better at please, yes ma'am and yes sir, and thank you. He knows what encyclopedias are, and knows geography a whole lot better than I do. He knows most states and their capitols. He can find them on maps. He knows their flags. He knows other countries' flags as well. He also thinks that East and West Germany are still in existence -- that's why he shouldn't be reading World Books from 1990, I guess. I've told him they are just Germany, but he doesn't believe me. He had planned to ask his new teacher about it, and I'm so thrilled that he didn't. Although, if I was a betting person, I would bet that he asked her today. She will think we are a truly crazy family.

I tried to look at the names of the other kids in class, but didn't recognize any of them. We had to fill out a questionnaire about his personality. We listed social and friendly as the top two things. So, I have no doubt that he'll make friends. He is the complete opposite of shy. There really doesn't seem to be a shy bone in his body.

One fun thing, his art teacher is someone I graduated high school with, and have known since probably 6th grade. She's very nice, and I'm sure that Little Elvis will love her. Even though he's not a big art fan.

So, new beginnings. I think he's ready for them.