Saturday, August 25, 2012

Half a year

Still having internet issues. I have loads of cute Cheese Puff pictures. I was able to upload 3. Two of them are similar. None of them are smiley. Oh well.
He did this the other day while I was online. I got about 30 minutes, and he made cute noises at me on the floor. He wants to help me now while I'm on the computer. He loves to pat at the keys and grab at the cords. He loves to grab at anything he can get his hands on these days.
Here's a semi-smile. He's usually very smiley. But he cut tooth number 2 this week, and it hurt him. We help out at our church on Wednesday mornings. (I help, Baby Plum gets into whatever he can, and the secretary gets to hold Cheese Puff. It's win-win. She's a grandmother who loves to hold, he's a baby who loves to be held. I get to talk with adults and Baby Plum gets to poke at things, open drawers, etc.)

This past Wednesday was different. There were more people there, and Cheese Puff's tooth was hurting. The secretary had just gotten him out of his carseat when the guy in charge of the praise band came in. Cheese Puff took one look at him, and burst into tears. Just bawled. The children's director came in and took Cheese Puff. He finally calmed down, and the praise band director came back to check on him. Cheese Puff again started bawling. It was funny. At this point, he wasn't going to calm down until he had me. But once he did, the other women in the office got to hold him. He was fine, but kept giving warning noises. He was happy to get home.

When I was little, the band director used to work with my dad. He's a super nice guy. But my dad found it funny. I'm sure Bob will probably tease him tomorrow morning.
I like this little expression. We're trying to work on sitting up unassisted. We started when Little Elvis and Baby Plum were 6 months old. Cheese Puff's ok with it. I think he'll pick it up pretty well.

He loves solids -- at least the fruits and veggies part of it. He didn't like rice cereal, and he only tolerated barley. So far, I think his favorite is sweet potatoes. He cried between bites the first night he tried them. I wasn't feeding him fast enough! We're going to try bananas tonight. If he's anything like Baby Plum, he will adore them.

Speaking of his brothers, Cheese Puff loves them. He cackles at them, usually for no reason. He loves to ride in the car with them, and will fuss if he's in the backseat by himself.

Cheese Puff has also taken an interest in the cats. One of my pictures that won't upload is of him gazing at Slappy.

We took the older boys swimming at my aunt and uncle's this afternoon. My aunt, cousin and uncle played with Cheese Puff while the rest of us played outside. They have a dog. Cheese Puff petted him. But he also started sneezing. They had flowers in the house, and we think that might have been more of the problem. When spring first began, he would sneeze every time we went outside.

He's sweet. Even when he bites while feeding. He thinks it's funny. His laugh is wonderful. We adore our little Cheese Puff.


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