Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Elvis update

Little Elvis is doing really well at school. He seems to love it. He gets smiley faces, and when I ask him how his day went, he always tells me it was good. He's not very talkative about school when I first pick him up. He tells me he played, and played, and played and played.
But later, he talks some. He told me one day that no one would play with him. But then, he said that he'd made two friends and they played with him. He also told me that he was the smartest person in his class, and that all the other kids just scribble scrabble. I tried to explain that while I was sure he was the smartest, he probably shouldn't tell the other kids that.

He still loves his baby brother. And wants to pose with him all the time.
He also likes to pose with random creatures. Like a lizard and gorilla.
They needed a close-up.
We had a "drive-in" at our church the other weekend. We built this lovely cardboard car that morning, went to a birthday party, left said birthday party with a screaming 5-year-old, and Mommy took Baby Plum and Cheese Puff to see the movie at church that evening. Little Elvis stayed in his room and screamed and screamed. Baby Plum had fun, though I think he missed his partner in crime.

We brought the car home, and the boys played with it very briefly. It's been taking up lots of space ever since. I wanted to recycle it this week, but knew that Little Elvis couldn't be there. The recycle truck came while I was dropping him off at school.

Maybe next week.