Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meeting characters from my childhood

So, a local McDonald's brought the Hamburglar to its store. The boys had no idea who this guy was, but they were excited to meet him anyway.
I told them that he liked to steal hamburgers. Since Little Elvis only cares about fries and Baby Plum only likes chicken nuggets, they weren't worried.
Grimace was also supposed to be there. Kind of glad he wasn't, because I have no idea what he was. Grape jelly? That's the best I can guess.
This was taken at the beginning of the month. But I couldn't get the pictures to upload. It was a fun trip.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Fun! Good question about Grimace. I don't know either, but grape jelly sounds about right.

4:48 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

okay, so for one thing- this reminds me of a tweet i saw on (funnest way to kill 3 hours of your life!)

the hamburglar burgled HAM. if he wanted hamburgers he would have to be called the hamburgerburglar.

and second thing- i am about to BLOW YOUR MIND.
The Mr. has found out and tells me all the time (it comes up a lot, surprisingly) that grimace is a milkshake!

i know! if we invented the letters back there, we'd all be WTF'ing over that.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Mpotter's Husband said...

Back before the internet, we had to decipher Grimace mythology based on what we remember, heard, and passed along from TV Commercials, rare VHS tapes, and so on. Sometimes this was viewed at a friend's house only in passing. And when you left that friend's house, you kept asking yourself "WTF did I just see?"

When I was in high school (1990-1994), we all remembered that Grimace used to steal milkshakes in the old 70s and 80s commercials. And had weird friends or family or something that had to do with milkshakes in general. Thus, putting one and one together, Grimace became the physical representation of a milkshake.

Unfortunately today we have the Internet and all of this is nicely wrapped up in a concise Wikipedia entry.
I personally don't remember Uncle O'Grimacey, although I wish I did.

It doesn't outright say that Grimace is a milkshake, but the same evidence that we spent hours trying to remember and cobble together from childhood memories is right there.

Too bad our kids will never have that experience. Want to figure out what Grimace is? Go to the future's equivalent of Wikipedia. No need even to discuss. Nobody watches commercials anyways, so there's nothing to remember. Then get back to Space Texting or whatever will be cool in the future.

10:14 AM  
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