Sunday, September 30, 2012

Teddy bear look a likes

In my mind, Cheese Puff looks a whole lot more like baby Baby Plum. Maybe my memory's faulty.
Cheese Puff at 7 months.
Baby Plum at 5 1/2 months. This was the best shot I had. Even back then I couldn't get both boys to look at the camera.
Six month old Baby Plum sleeping during a trip to the park.

Little Elvis never wore the teddy bear outfit. It was new for Baby Plum. I'll try to find a pic of an outfit that all three boys have worn and do a better comparison.

Attempting photos of more than one child

I'm often trying to take pictures of more than just one boy. It often doesn't work out so well.
Here are my two older boys dressed in similar striped shirts. (There's also a cobra, because in Little Elvis' world, every picture needs a cobra.) So, my oldest boy is blocking his face with a plastic cobra, and my happy middle boy looks very... pensive? Contemplative? Who knows. I don't think he was unhappy about the picture.
We attempted a 3-shot a couple of days later. I have one big smiling Little Elvis, the top of Baby Plum's head, and a blinking Cheese Puff. Oh well. With all three, I usually only get one shot to get the perfect picture.
Baby Plum needed a family picture for pre-school last week. My mom tried 3 times. Little Elvis was determined to be crazy. We went with this photo, because Baby Plum was smiling sweetly. Cheese Puff looks pretty sweet as well. Baby Plum's teachers know Little Elvis, so I'm sure this photo makes perfect sense to them.

Little Elvis had a hard time at Baby Plum's birthday party on Saturday. He has a very hard time giving up attention. It killed him that the party wasn't about him. One of Baby Plum's friends brought Little Elvis a sucker. He wanted more. He wanted Baby Plum's presents. Little Elvis went nuts when Baby Plum opened up a cute little book with a super hero cape. I laughed, because I knew as soon as it was opened what would happen. Forget the fact that Little Elvis has his own cape, it's not a cool shiny red one. Once Little Elvis calmed down (and the partiers had moved on) both boys wore their capes and played. They were so cute. Today, Little Elvis took Baby Plum's cape during naptime, and wore it the rest of the day. Sweet Baby Plum was fine with it. He loves his brother so much (most of the time,) and just wants to make him happy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The many faces of Cheese Puff

Sweet baby Cheese Puff is cutting his top two teeth. I'm fairly certain of this.
See how he's sucking on his top lip? He sucked on his bottom lip when he was cutting his bottom teeth. He's also got a stuffy nose, and is running a fever. Needless to say, he's not super happy all of the time right now. He's so pitiful when he's really hurting.
These pictures are all before the pain really started. It's been chilly in the mornings here, so I dressed him in my favorite teddy bear outfit of Baby Plum's. How sweet is this baby? Little Elvis liked the outfit so much that he checked out a book about a brown bear in school. He was upset when he got in the car that afternoon, and Cheese Puff was only wearing a diaper -- the temperature fluctuates a lot right now.
Cheese Puff is the cutest eater! He loves veggie mixes.
His new thing is to push the food back out of his mouth after I spoon it in. He really does like it, he just likes playing with it as well.
He's also really into sticking his tongue out after each bite. I laugh, and he thinks it's funny.
Man, he's cute. He's feverish right now, and I'm holding him while he snoozes. I hate that he hurts. He's so pitiful with streams of tears running down both cheeks, and those super long eyelashes clinging to the tears that haven't yet fallen. The  doctor's office said to call back tomorrow if he gets worse, because it might be something else instead of these mean old teeth.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday Baby Plum

This big boy turns three on September 25th. He loves having his picture taken, and is so cute about wanting to inspect his picture after it's been snapped.

He's still fighting me on the potty training, but on most other fronts, he's a very big boy.
He does, or attempts to do just about everything by himself. He wants something to eat? He goes to the fridge, opens it, and pulls out what he wants. He wants to go outside? He unlocks the doors, and heads outside.
His eyes are still getting darker. Even in the past couple of months, they've darkened. His hair is just beautiful. My parents and Bob are ready to cut those beautiful golden curls. Lucky for me, Baby Plum isn't.

He says no when asked. He talks so much now! I don't always understand everything, but we're getting there.
Just like his Daddy, this child loves music. But unfortunately, he's inherited his Mommy's taste in music. At least, at this point in his life. Bob was listening to some music the other day, and Baby Plum told him he didn't like that song. What does he like? Pop music. Songs we need to add to the iPod for his birthday? One Direction's "You don't know you're beautiful" and one of the songs by Adele that have been played a lot recently. He likes them all. He always asks for the name of songs, and listens to me talk about the artist if I know it. He sings along with the radio, and picks up new songs by the second chorus. Baby Plum's super cute when singing "Call me maybe," but I don't think Bob wants me to download that one. I'm also thinking about downloading "Wake me up, before you go, go" by Wham! Oh, and Little Elvis loves One Direction just as much Baby Plum.
What's sweet little boy getting for his birthday? Some puzzles, including a floor size one. He's a big, big puzzle fan. He's also getting a Sesame Street monster game for the XBox. And a pair of binoculars. Little Elvis bought a pair a couple of weeks ago, and they fought and fought over them. After we bought Baby Plum a pair for his birthday, they forgot about the first pair. I have no clue where they are.

Baby Plum's going to have a Cookie Monster party. I attempted to invite 2 of his new buddies from pre-school. One can't come. I hope the other one can. We're also going to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday supper tomorrow night. He requested it, and is thrilled. I hope he does a good job with the potty tomorrow.

So, happy birthday my big, big boy. We love you so much, and are so proud of you. You do such a great job helping Mommy, playing with your brothers, playing music (and saying "Thank you very much" when finished!) singing, saying your alphabet and counting.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sweet babies

My mom kept our two younger boys the other day. Judging from these pictures, they all had fun.
How sweet is this little baby? He's so snuggly and cuddly.
And so is his older brother. They are starting to "play" a little more now. Both older boys want to play with Cheese Puff. I'm glad they like him so much.

Little Elvis was hanging out with my dad. I'm sure he was just as cute.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bouncing boys with odd selection of toys

If the boys have been good, and it's not too late, then we will have a dance party in our bedroom before bedtime.

Last week, Little Elvis had to have two specific toys, so Baby Plum did, too. His two toys weren't as significant to him, though. He just picked up two toys.
Little Elvis is holding Firetruck, one of his oldest and most constant friends -- and Lion Snake. Lion Snake is a figment of our imaginations. This summer, he started talking about a lionsnake that would say, "Roar...ssss!" I asked him what it looked like, and drew him a picture. Then, while looking at the picture, I decided that I could make it. I was pretty pleased with the outcome, as was he. (I did break my serger while making it, though. Which really stinks. We have no clue what's wrong and it'll cost a lot to fix. Anyone know a small machine repair person?)

The first morning after I finished Lion Snake, we woke up to the sound of Little Elvis going, "Roar...ssss!" in his bed. It was very cute. This is one of the first projects I've attempted for him that he really, truly likes. So glad my child doesn't mind his unusual toys.

Baby Plum is holding Snowy the bear and a beaker. Snowy was my favorite stuffed animal as a child, so I love when the boys play with him.
Here's a close-up of Little Elvis and his two closest bedtime buddies.
Baby Plum just being cute. He didn't need his toys in his close up, because they weren't his special toys. I'm not sure if I've put a picture up of Baby Plum with Blanket and Froggy. Blanket was from my babyhood, though I don't remember it. Blanket looks awful, but it is loved.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pacifiers or cell phones

Cheese Puff is a very snuggly baby. It's not just my opinion, either. One of the women in the nursery told me the same thing this morning. He's cuddly, and enjoys hugs.
He will also take a pacifier, which is new for us. Little Elvis stopped taking one at 3 months, and Baby Plum found his thumb very quickly. I realized we didn't have any cute paci pics, so I took one last week.

The other day, Baby Plum, Cheese Puff and I were getting ready to pick up Little Elvis. Cheese Puff was crying in the car seat while I was trying to find something. Baby Plum dug around for the paci (there's usually one in the car seat) and put it in Cheese Puff's mouth. He did it nicely, and Cheese Puff was content. Or at least he was quiet.
I attempted to get a pic of him chewing on the bassinet. It was cute, but when I turned the camera on him, he stopped. This is the only way this baby goes into the bassinet... seated. He does not like sleeping in it, but it pretty happy to sit in it. It's a fairly safe place for him to practice sitting, and he will usually stay seated while I shower. He's getting lots better at sitting. We're very close to the plop stage.
And that stage will be a big problem. This child is already into EVERYTHING! He will put both older brothers to shame. I let him hold my cell phone on Thursday afternoon while I tried to read a book to Baby Plum. Big mistake. That cell phone is officially dead. Cheese Puff drools just as much as Little Elvis did. I think the drool shorted the cell phone. Now, he's eyeing our remotes. He keeps trying to get his chubby little fingers on them.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


First off, here's a cute picture of all three of our boys. Cheese Puff seems to really enjoy both of his brothers. They are excellent at making him laugh. They must already have inside jokes, because I swear sometimes all they have to do is look at Cheese Puff to make him laugh.

This weekend, Little Elvis got a nice surprise. We invited over his best friend from school last year. They are in different school districts now. While Little Elvis talks about one friend in his class this year some times, he reminisces about his best friend from last year all of them time. He misses his buddy a lot.

Turns out his buddy missed him, too.

We decided not to tell Little Elvis about the playdate, because he would definitely end up losing it. Or, he'd build it up so much in his head that he'd get upset the second they didn't actually fly into outer space.

We ended up telling him two hours before they showed up, because my parents were taking Baby Plum somewhere, and Little Elvis wanted to go as well.

Can I tell you that those were the two longest hours of Little Elvis' life?

But once his buddy showed up, they had a blast! They were jumping up and down they were so excited to see each other. They ran all over the house, and all over outside. They jumped on the trampoline. Little Elvis showed off his "robot" - three pieces of wood hammered together.

They didn't fight, or get upset. They just had a great time playing together.

Last year, I thought they were just friends because they had the same name. But I realized that wasn't it. Little Elvis' buddy seems to be more like Baby Plum. He seems to be a lot more laid back than Little Elvis. But he doesn't just do what Little Elvis wants. They took turns doing what the other wanted to do. And, the buddy's mom said her son really isn't very laid back. Most kids seem laid back when compared to Little Elvis.

Once Baby Plum got back from hanging out with my parents, they were happy to let him in on the fun. It was a very fun time for everyone.

After they left, Little Elvis told me that his friend was his BFF - best friend forever.

It was sweet.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's taken us several weeks to catch the elusive picture of Cheese Puff sucking on a toe. He loves his toes! But my camera didn't know that...
until now! Bob had to get a funny angle to get it, but trust us, he's gnawing on a toe. He's so funny, as soon as I get out the camera, he pops out his toe and smiles at me. (By the way, the Milky Way wasn't Cheese Puff's, I believe it was one of his brothers'.)
Speaking of brothers, Little Elvis decided that if Baby Plum got to "drive" the sewing table and have his picture made, then he would, too.
This is a shot of Baby Plum driving the sewing table from a different day. For a while there, he was demanding at least a picture a day of him driving the sewing table.

In the picture of Little Elvis, there's a big Oceans poster in the foreground. Odd fact that I learned this week -- there are now 5 oceans. I was taught that there were 4 when I was little. I missed it when they promoted an ocean! But now there's a Southern Ocean. Good thing Little Elvis is so into geography. I'm sure I'll be learning lots of new facts in the coming years. Baby Plum's apparently going to be teaching me a whole lot about music and lyrics.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

First day of preschool!

Baby Plum's first day of pre-school was last Wednesday!
Here's the big boy on his big day.
And a comparison shot of Little Elvis on his first day of preschool. I didn't remember his hair being that much thinner than Baby Plum's. Baby Plum started growing hair a lot earlier than Little Elvis, and Baby Plum is about 6 months older. Since he's a late September birthday, he'll always be one of the older kids in his class.
While Baby Plum was happy to go to school, I had to really fight with him to get dressed in his first day outfit. My mom got this for his first day of pre-school. He wanted to wear his orange Handy Manny shirt and some red shorts.

How did I get him dressed? By getting Little Elvis to wear one of his red Cars shirts. Yay for big brothers!

Baby Plum had fun, brought home some cute artwork, and conked out while waiting for me to pick him up.

He keeps shocking us with his willingness to go into new situations by himself. He's not nearly as shy as we thought he would be. At least not at this point in his life. As a shy person, I am relieved about this.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Student of the week!

Little Elvis came out to the car on Friday afternoon with this pretty crown on his head, a big smile on his face and a new toy car.

The teacher that helped load him into the car told me that he was the Blue Card student of the week. It has something to do with him being a good citizen. I think it's the school's version of student of the week.

He was so excited! He got a crown! His name was called over the intercom! (His explanation of this: "You know when ??'s mother came to pick her up early last year? They would call her name through the walls! They did that with my name!!") He got to go to the principal's office and pick out a toy! (He got a car.) He got a certificate, complete with a coupon for a snack at a local convenience store.

We bragged and bragged on him. I'm thrilled he's a good citizen at school. Of course, one of his first questions after telling me about all of the excitement, "Did you get the Blue Card crown, Baby Plum?"

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Serious boys

Just catching up on some cute pictures.
Cheese Puff puffs out his cheeks some times and purses his little lips. He looks kind of serious when he does it, and I adore that look. This is kind of that look. He's trying to pull the letters off of the Boppy. He tries to grab absolutely everything and anything.
Here he is studying Slappy. She likes to pester me while I nurse, which has been known to wake up my light-sleeping baby. It's frustrating. But if he's awake, he snaps his little hand out and grabs a fistful of fur. If I'm just holding him on my lap, and she gets close enough, I'll help him pet her nicely. I think he likes her soft fur.
My camera has a delay. They were both in a cute position, looking up and smiling at me. After the delay, Baby Plum's face is covered and Cheese Puff is attempting to roll over and get a better look at his big brother.

I've been brave recently. If I'm only going to be gone for a minute, I will leave Cheese Puff on his floor mat with Baby Plum around. It's not that Baby Plum's trying to hurt his baby brother, but he's a little rough still. This week Baby Plum decided he would roll Cheese Puff over every time I left them alone together. I would come back into the room with them both laughing, and Cheese Puff on his tummy. Baby Plum would tell me he rolled Cheese Puff. I thought he was rolling Cheese Puff the way Little Elvis does, by gently pulling his arm. Nope, he gets down beside Cheese Puff and pushes him over with both hands. And Cheese Puff loves it! Boys.