Sunday, September 30, 2012

Attempting photos of more than one child

I'm often trying to take pictures of more than just one boy. It often doesn't work out so well.
Here are my two older boys dressed in similar striped shirts. (There's also a cobra, because in Little Elvis' world, every picture needs a cobra.) So, my oldest boy is blocking his face with a plastic cobra, and my happy middle boy looks very... pensive? Contemplative? Who knows. I don't think he was unhappy about the picture.
We attempted a 3-shot a couple of days later. I have one big smiling Little Elvis, the top of Baby Plum's head, and a blinking Cheese Puff. Oh well. With all three, I usually only get one shot to get the perfect picture.
Baby Plum needed a family picture for pre-school last week. My mom tried 3 times. Little Elvis was determined to be crazy. We went with this photo, because Baby Plum was smiling sweetly. Cheese Puff looks pretty sweet as well. Baby Plum's teachers know Little Elvis, so I'm sure this photo makes perfect sense to them.

Little Elvis had a hard time at Baby Plum's birthday party on Saturday. He has a very hard time giving up attention. It killed him that the party wasn't about him. One of Baby Plum's friends brought Little Elvis a sucker. He wanted more. He wanted Baby Plum's presents. Little Elvis went nuts when Baby Plum opened up a cute little book with a super hero cape. I laughed, because I knew as soon as it was opened what would happen. Forget the fact that Little Elvis has his own cape, it's not a cool shiny red one. Once Little Elvis calmed down (and the partiers had moved on) both boys wore their capes and played. They were so cute. Today, Little Elvis took Baby Plum's cape during naptime, and wore it the rest of the day. Sweet Baby Plum was fine with it. He loves his brother so much (most of the time,) and just wants to make him happy.


Blogger mpotter said...

what a good pic of the fam (like your hair!!!)

sorry to hear about the party problems. that's so nice of plum to share his new gifts.
that must be hard, but i wouldn't know. i have one kid and i am the youngest (who didn't really have many parties)

i admire you try to take pix of all three.... i know at this age, it's hard to get a good pic of ONE.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I love these photos! They capture so much reality - and character!

I have to confess: sometimes I take multiple photos of the boys from the same angle and then photoshop the best of each boy/parent together. And... well, it's fine - but the doctored photos where everyone looks good aren't as much fun when I go back and look at them later.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You manage to look relaxed with your arms full(literally) of kids.
Everything pretty much under control except for L.E.. What else is new. Grandpa Stew

10:50 PM  

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