Thursday, September 13, 2012


First off, here's a cute picture of all three of our boys. Cheese Puff seems to really enjoy both of his brothers. They are excellent at making him laugh. They must already have inside jokes, because I swear sometimes all they have to do is look at Cheese Puff to make him laugh.

This weekend, Little Elvis got a nice surprise. We invited over his best friend from school last year. They are in different school districts now. While Little Elvis talks about one friend in his class this year some times, he reminisces about his best friend from last year all of them time. He misses his buddy a lot.

Turns out his buddy missed him, too.

We decided not to tell Little Elvis about the playdate, because he would definitely end up losing it. Or, he'd build it up so much in his head that he'd get upset the second they didn't actually fly into outer space.

We ended up telling him two hours before they showed up, because my parents were taking Baby Plum somewhere, and Little Elvis wanted to go as well.

Can I tell you that those were the two longest hours of Little Elvis' life?

But once his buddy showed up, they had a blast! They were jumping up and down they were so excited to see each other. They ran all over the house, and all over outside. They jumped on the trampoline. Little Elvis showed off his "robot" - three pieces of wood hammered together.

They didn't fight, or get upset. They just had a great time playing together.

Last year, I thought they were just friends because they had the same name. But I realized that wasn't it. Little Elvis' buddy seems to be more like Baby Plum. He seems to be a lot more laid back than Little Elvis. But he doesn't just do what Little Elvis wants. They took turns doing what the other wanted to do. And, the buddy's mom said her son really isn't very laid back. Most kids seem laid back when compared to Little Elvis.

Once Baby Plum got back from hanging out with my parents, they were happy to let him in on the fun. It was a very fun time for everyone.

After they left, Little Elvis told me that his friend was his BFF - best friend forever.

It was sweet.


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so glad it worked out for them and it didn't seem to be hard on you.

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