Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bouncing boys with odd selection of toys

If the boys have been good, and it's not too late, then we will have a dance party in our bedroom before bedtime.

Last week, Little Elvis had to have two specific toys, so Baby Plum did, too. His two toys weren't as significant to him, though. He just picked up two toys.
Little Elvis is holding Firetruck, one of his oldest and most constant friends -- and Lion Snake. Lion Snake is a figment of our imaginations. This summer, he started talking about a lionsnake that would say, "Roar...ssss!" I asked him what it looked like, and drew him a picture. Then, while looking at the picture, I decided that I could make it. I was pretty pleased with the outcome, as was he. (I did break my serger while making it, though. Which really stinks. We have no clue what's wrong and it'll cost a lot to fix. Anyone know a small machine repair person?)

The first morning after I finished Lion Snake, we woke up to the sound of Little Elvis going, "Roar...ssss!" in his bed. It was very cute. This is one of the first projects I've attempted for him that he really, truly likes. So glad my child doesn't mind his unusual toys.

Baby Plum is holding Snowy the bear and a beaker. Snowy was my favorite stuffed animal as a child, so I love when the boys play with him.
Here's a close-up of Little Elvis and his two closest bedtime buddies.
Baby Plum just being cute. He didn't need his toys in his close up, because they weren't his special toys. I'm not sure if I've put a picture up of Baby Plum with Blanket and Froggy. Blanket was from my babyhood, though I don't remember it. Blanket looks awful, but it is loved.