Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's taken us several weeks to catch the elusive picture of Cheese Puff sucking on a toe. He loves his toes! But my camera didn't know that...
until now! Bob had to get a funny angle to get it, but trust us, he's gnawing on a toe. He's so funny, as soon as I get out the camera, he pops out his toe and smiles at me. (By the way, the Milky Way wasn't Cheese Puff's, I believe it was one of his brothers'.)
Speaking of brothers, Little Elvis decided that if Baby Plum got to "drive" the sewing table and have his picture made, then he would, too.
This is a shot of Baby Plum driving the sewing table from a different day. For a while there, he was demanding at least a picture a day of him driving the sewing table.

In the picture of Little Elvis, there's a big Oceans poster in the foreground. Odd fact that I learned this week -- there are now 5 oceans. I was taught that there were 4 when I was little. I missed it when they promoted an ocean! But now there's a Southern Ocean. Good thing Little Elvis is so into geography. I'm sure I'll be learning lots of new facts in the coming years. Baby Plum's apparently going to be teaching me a whole lot about music and lyrics.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Babies are so flexible! Wow. Sometimes I forget. Very cute!

Driving the sewing machine table is so funny. I have a male cousin who LOVED the actual sewing machine because he thought it was so much like driving. (Pressing the foot pedal, and the machine goes faster, I suppose.)

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