Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday Baby Plum

This big boy turns three on September 25th. He loves having his picture taken, and is so cute about wanting to inspect his picture after it's been snapped.

He's still fighting me on the potty training, but on most other fronts, he's a very big boy.
He does, or attempts to do just about everything by himself. He wants something to eat? He goes to the fridge, opens it, and pulls out what he wants. He wants to go outside? He unlocks the doors, and heads outside.
His eyes are still getting darker. Even in the past couple of months, they've darkened. His hair is just beautiful. My parents and Bob are ready to cut those beautiful golden curls. Lucky for me, Baby Plum isn't.

He says no when asked. He talks so much now! I don't always understand everything, but we're getting there.
Just like his Daddy, this child loves music. But unfortunately, he's inherited his Mommy's taste in music. At least, at this point in his life. Bob was listening to some music the other day, and Baby Plum told him he didn't like that song. What does he like? Pop music. Songs we need to add to the iPod for his birthday? One Direction's "You don't know you're beautiful" and one of the songs by Adele that have been played a lot recently. He likes them all. He always asks for the name of songs, and listens to me talk about the artist if I know it. He sings along with the radio, and picks up new songs by the second chorus. Baby Plum's super cute when singing "Call me maybe," but I don't think Bob wants me to download that one. I'm also thinking about downloading "Wake me up, before you go, go" by Wham! Oh, and Little Elvis loves One Direction just as much Baby Plum.
What's sweet little boy getting for his birthday? Some puzzles, including a floor size one. He's a big, big puzzle fan. He's also getting a Sesame Street monster game for the XBox. And a pair of binoculars. Little Elvis bought a pair a couple of weeks ago, and they fought and fought over them. After we bought Baby Plum a pair for his birthday, they forgot about the first pair. I have no clue where they are.

Baby Plum's going to have a Cookie Monster party. I attempted to invite 2 of his new buddies from pre-school. One can't come. I hope the other one can. We're also going to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday supper tomorrow night. He requested it, and is thrilled. I hope he does a good job with the potty tomorrow.

So, happy birthday my big, big boy. We love you so much, and are so proud of you. You do such a great job helping Mommy, playing with your brothers, playing music (and saying "Thank you very much" when finished!) singing, saying your alphabet and counting.


Blogger mpotter said...


i hope it will be a fun day and a grand year!

i also hope they don't re-fight about the binoculars with his. find 'em soon.

happy birthday little man!

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