Sunday, September 02, 2012

Serious boys

Just catching up on some cute pictures.
Cheese Puff puffs out his cheeks some times and purses his little lips. He looks kind of serious when he does it, and I adore that look. This is kind of that look. He's trying to pull the letters off of the Boppy. He tries to grab absolutely everything and anything.
Here he is studying Slappy. She likes to pester me while I nurse, which has been known to wake up my light-sleeping baby. It's frustrating. But if he's awake, he snaps his little hand out and grabs a fistful of fur. If I'm just holding him on my lap, and she gets close enough, I'll help him pet her nicely. I think he likes her soft fur.
My camera has a delay. They were both in a cute position, looking up and smiling at me. After the delay, Baby Plum's face is covered and Cheese Puff is attempting to roll over and get a better look at his big brother.

I've been brave recently. If I'm only going to be gone for a minute, I will leave Cheese Puff on his floor mat with Baby Plum around. It's not that Baby Plum's trying to hurt his baby brother, but he's a little rough still. This week Baby Plum decided he would roll Cheese Puff over every time I left them alone together. I would come back into the room with them both laughing, and Cheese Puff on his tummy. Baby Plum would tell me he rolled Cheese Puff. I thought he was rolling Cheese Puff the way Little Elvis does, by gently pulling his arm. Nope, he gets down beside Cheese Puff and pushes him over with both hands. And Cheese Puff loves it! Boys.


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