Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Student of the week!

Little Elvis came out to the car on Friday afternoon with this pretty crown on his head, a big smile on his face and a new toy car.

The teacher that helped load him into the car told me that he was the Blue Card student of the week. It has something to do with him being a good citizen. I think it's the school's version of student of the week.

He was so excited! He got a crown! His name was called over the intercom! (His explanation of this: "You know when ??'s mother came to pick her up early last year? They would call her name through the walls! They did that with my name!!") He got to go to the principal's office and pick out a toy! (He got a car.) He got a certificate, complete with a coupon for a snack at a local convenience store.

We bragged and bragged on him. I'm thrilled he's a good citizen at school. Of course, one of his first questions after telling me about all of the excitement, "Did you get the Blue Card crown, Baby Plum?"