Monday, October 29, 2012

Funny sayings by sweet boys

I know the weather is wreaking havoc on the East Coast. The video of the water level is so scary. So, I wanted to share funny boy-isms heard around our house recently.
Baby Plum is modeling our new couch here. It's a whole lot more comfy while nursing Cheese Puff.

This afternoon Baby Plum and Little Elvis were sitting at our breakfast island for a snack. Bob took them a huge picture of a cheetah from this month's National Geographic. On the back of the huge picture was a series of lots of pictures of the cheetah running. Baby Plum was counting... by tens. (Thank you Mickey Mouse and Little Elvis.)

Baby Plum: "forty.. fifty.. sixty.. seventy.. eighty.. ninety.. tenty.. tenty-one.. tenty-two.. tenty-three...."

Seriously, how cute is that?
Baby Plum and Little Elvis showing me their faces after eating pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. (Mommy just has to keep sneaking healthy stuff in on them."

The other morning, Little Elvis was getting ready to take a shower. He was talking to Bob.

Little Elvis: "Sometimes, when you're getting undressed, your underwear say, 'Let's take a ride with the pants.'"

There's always something to laugh at in our house.

Oh, and both boys performed with their children's choir in church yesterday. They were so cute. Baby Plum had to stand by his big brother at one point, and you could barely see him surrounded by older kids. But, oh, they were so cute. I had to wipe tears at one point. They did a great job.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting the money shot

We keep trying to get certain shots of Cheese Puff. (Please forgive the mess. The older boys genuinely like destroying the rooms I clean, and since it's the playroom, I try not to fuss too much.) In this shot, he was laughing uproariously at me... until the red dot hit his tummy.
 He was smiling very sweetly here.
 He was doing his new super cute, "old man." Bob was attempting to get this shot.
Cheese Puff was more interested in eating. He likes to try to suck on my chin when he wants to nurse and I'm not responding as quickly as he'd like.
 Little Elvis took this shot.
And here's the money shot. Poor baby needs those teeth to break through. I love this little look, but I want them to come through for him as well. They are just sitting there, right at the edge of his little gum.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Smiling Cheese Puff and Straight A's!

My mom's cell phone is the only camera that gets pictures of my smiling baby. My camera has a red dot that pops up for the flash, and the red dot confuses him. I get lots and lots of pictures of confused baby. He's cute, but I really appreciate my smiling baby pics.

He's playing with one of my old baby toys. It's so funny how the boys gravitate to my old toys.

This picture was taken at McDonalds. Why did we go to McDonalds for supper last Thursday? Because Little Elvis got his first report card, and he had all A's! I also made cookies (while the above smiling baby screamed at me....)

Bob was at work, but my parents went with us. They bought the two older boys each a Happy Meal. I'm a bad mommy who doesn't do that. I don't see the point in paying extra for a toy that they will either break immediately and cry about, or they will forget about it after making me spend a long time placing tiny stickers all over it.

All of that to say, so glad my father bought them each their own. They got a little Halloween pail. They couldn't have shared that. They used to have little Halloween pails when I was little, and I'm glad they've continued that practice.

Also, they each got a little pack of apple slices that they both ate once we got home. While I probably won't get them each Happy Meals again very often, I like the whole apple slices thing.

I need to upload more pictures. While I'm writing this, Wally is helping to encourage Cheese Puff to crawl. He did the same thing with Little Elvis. Cheese Puff is really starting to stretch for things. Oh boy.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Waiting on Mommy and Daddy... and teeth

My mom watched the boys on Friday afternoon while Bob and I attempted to squeeze our new couch through our front door.
"What's taking so long?"
"They should've taken me with them. I know I would be very helpful."
"I'm fine helping Gram on the computer."

So, tonight the big boys are sleeping in their room, in their separate beds, with just the door shut. But, they did start out with the double gates. Baby Plum was exhausted, which made everything a lot easier.

Cheese Puff is playing while I type this. During the day, Cheese Puff doesn't want me to put him down. And he's at his worst at supper/bath time. But, after the boys are in bed and he's had a nice nursing session, then he's a very happy boy. He laughs, giggles, plays with toys while either sitting or lying down. It's very nice. I know we're getting close to the time that he will go to sleep when his brothers do. I cherish these fun, happy moments. Although, I am looking forward to sleeping through the night. Silly, mean teeth.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The plop stage

Cheese Puff has become a pretty confident sitter. He's still a little wobbly, but I think it's safe to say we're at the "plop" stage. The stage where I can carry him to a room, and simply plop him down on his bottom without first surrounding him with pillows. It's a nice stage to get to, though a little bittersweet.
Last week it was cold. He's dressed in a sleep sack. It's mint green, and was bought before we knew that Little Elvis would be a boy. The boppy is pink, yes. They had an extra one at church that they didn't need, and it was in a lot better shape than our old one. I figured Cheese Puff wouldn't care. He hasn't.

But he does love for his daddy to play the mandolin. He's not a fan of the banjo, though.
So sweet. I'm sure I was trying to get a smile. But I like this look, too.
The next night I dressed him in a blanket sleeper, and didn't surround him with the boppy. I was attempting to fold sheets. He thought he'd help me.
He's a cute helper. He had it almost over his head, but the sheet had fallen by the time I got the camera out.
Baby Plum was playing with Cheese Puff the next morning. (um, some of the laundry from the night before hadn't yet made it to the appropriate rooms, please ignore the bibs and underwear...) This was the morning of our big trip to get our new sofa. My grandmother rode with us, and both boys did a great job for the long trip.

Baby Plum watered some flowers by the side of the road, and then we had to be let into a security place to use the bathroom once we arrived. My grandmother laughed, because I told the guy we could either go inside to potty, or we could water one of the trees. Poor guy was at a loss. But Baby Plum had been whining, and he really did have to go.

Cheese Puff was a great trooper. He began crying for about the last 10 minutes of the trip. He was tired, and wanted snuggles.

The couch is nice, but didn't fit through our playroom door. I didn't think to ask about measurements. Poor Bob had to take the thing apart on Saturday morning. But it's in the room now, and looks nice. It's also much, much more comfortable. Now if I can just keep dirty fingers off of it...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

No pictures, just ideas

I've misplaced the cord that gets pictures out of my camera and onto my computer. This isn't the first time it's happened. I have no clue where to look, and have a very fussy baby who isn't tolerant of sitting in the middle of the floor while his mommy crawls around looking under things and muttering to herself.


Not too much is going on around here with the boys right now. We're in a bit of a rhythm, except for Cheese Puff. He's fussy and wants to be held by me all the time. As is usually the case with me, I blame all baby fussies on teeth.

So, thought I'd write about what the adults in our little home have been up to.

This summer, Bob dug french drains and installed gutters. Our 57-year-old house was suddenly having water problems. It was a super wet winter/spring, and we discovered that there wasn't a vapor barrier under most of our house. Bob took care of all of it during the early summer. The mold ruined several of his suits, several pairs of my shoes, several pairs of Baby Plum's old shoes, and lots of baby toys. But it was fairly easy to clean it off of the furniture.

I still smell mold in Cheese Puff's closet, and sometimes get a whiff in our bedroom. I'm trying to find the source.

Once the water issues were handled, I decided that Bob and I needed a bedroom furniture upgrade. We've been using the furniture set that I had as a little girl. Time to grow up. I thought I liked 60s modern, and wanted to find pieces that weren't part of a set.

We already had the big 1930s radio that I refinished and Bob made into a jewelry cabinet shortly before I got pregnant with Little Elvis.

The first piece we got was a beautiful wood veneer high boy. My mom took one look at it, and said it was from the 50s. It needed some attention, and even though I had never worked with veneer, it turned out beautifully.

It's got a similar shape to the radio, which is nice.

My mom had a small wooden secretary that she got at an estate sale a while back. She offered it to me, so I decided to replace our Ikea desk with it. It needed refinishing as well. I went with a much lighter and redder hue. It's on Bob's side of the bed, and has enough drawers to hold our paperwork.

We put an old desk chair that used to be in my dad's office when I was a little girl in front of it.

I've been searching for a dresser and nightstand for me. Last month I found an old painted nightstand from the 1960s. It's got a similar shape to the high boy and the radio. It's painted an aqua blue color. I like the color, and don't plan on changing it. At least not yet.

So, I'm still searching for a dresser. I'd like a big one. I like Danish mid-century modern. The high boy appears to be more of a 1930s art deco style. But it's not ornate like many of the ones I've seen.

While working on getting our bedroom in a better order, we also upgraded our living room TV. My grandfather's television in the nursing home wasn't working well. The sound was off, and he mainly listens. We decided to give him our playroom TV, move the living room TV into the playroom, and upgrade to a flat screen TV.

Bob mounted the TV over our fireplace, and we really like it there.

Along with looking for a new dresser, I've also been searching for a better sofa for the playroom. I'm going to pick one up tomorrow. It's brown, and hopefully won't show stains as much as the light blue one does.

Once the sofa is replaced, I plan to try and paint our sissal rug in the living room. Sissal may be green, but I can't get stains out of it. It doesn't exactly have a grain. I'm going to attempt to do a chevron stripe pattern on it.

After that, I'm going to attempt making a pouf.

We'll see how these projects go. Hopefully they will turn out ok. Maybe I will have found my camera cord by then.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Changing pre-conceived notions

It's a little jarring when you realize your ideas of your child have changed. The first time this happened, my mom was trying to talk me into buying a pair of slim jeans for 3-year-old Little Elvis. I told her my chubby baby was not slim. But he was, and still is.
Over the past few weeks, our very picky eater has finally decided to widen his horizons. He's been a fish fan for a few months now, but he's also trying (and liking) other meats and foods. He's still not going to sit down with a plate of broccoli, but it's a lot easier to feed Little Elvis these days.

He's also gotten a lot better at helping himself. I don't have to do everything for him anymore, and I don't have to force him to do things for himself. It's so nice.
Baby Plum has also changed his eating perferences. He doesn't like anything but sweets, dairy and fruit. I was kind of expecting this, and can only hope that he'll be open to more foods in a couple of years like his brother.

The bigger change for this sweet boy is his shyness. He's really not shy. I say he is, but he's not. Now, he's not like Little Elvis. He will not run into a room and announce his arrival to a bunch of strangers. But he will talk to people. He'll introduce himself, and will talk. He's more outgoing if his brother is around. Now if someone he's not super-familiar with approaches, he will stick by my side. I'm fine with this.

My stubborn boy has also made some great advances in the past couple of weeks. I would write about them, but I always seem to jinx us when I brag about those accomplishments. So, he's trying and doing well on two big fronts, and we are very proud of him.
This boy is funny. He's the baby of three. He's supposed to be laid back. And he is... if he's being held. But, if I have to sit him down to tend to a brother, he bawls. He also loves to get attention. He hates to be in the backseat by himself. He likes to have at least one brother back there with him.

And feedings are changing as well. He wants my undivided attention. Sometimes he doesn't want me to read, drink (I like to drink something cold when I'm sitting for a long stretch of time,) watch TV, or even talk. He's not fussy about it, but he'll hit at the book I'm holding and smile. He'll hit at my cup and smile. He'll pull off and stare at me until I look back at him, then he'll smile and go back to eating. If I go back to whatever I was doing, he'll pull off and we'll start all over again.

He's funny. And so, so cute.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Current favorite outfit

The weather's a bit all over the place these days. Most mornings start off pretty chilly, but by the afternoon it's around 80. Dressing the boys is difficult.

But I've found a favorite outfit for Cheese Puff.
Isn't it cute? He looks beachy. One of my mom's friends got it for us when he was born. Since it's got long legs, and the little hood, I feel ok dressing him in it when the weather is in the 60s, and leaving him in it when it's in the 80s.

He wore it to Baby Plum's party last week.
And he wore it while we were out and about yesterday. He's not a fan of hats, but does well with hoodies that aren't too snug.

You probably can't tell, but his pretty blue eyes are very slowly starting to change. When it's very light and his pupil's tiny, then  you can see some light brown streaks. My dad thinks Cheese Puff might get my eyes. We'll see.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Little Elvis does the right thing

When we met with Little Elvis' teacher last week, I was kind of taken aback by her comment that he does the right thing.

What did she mean? If the other kids started cutting up, or laughing when they weren't suppose to, he wouldn't. He makes good choices in her class.

Now he's not an angel at home, but he does try to do the right thing. He's glad to sit behind Cheese Puff while I go into another room. He will sometimes share with Baby Plum. He has begun to ask Baby Plum for things, and will then say thanks.

Last week, he must have gotten into a fight with a new buddy. He said the boy was a bad guy. It took me a while to figure it out, but I think he decided that the little boy acted up in class. He may not look very much like me, but my child has inherited my goody-two-shoeness. It wasn't fun as a little girl, and possibly will be worse for a boy. We'll see.
While Little Elvis is no doubt an entertainer who absolutely loves being the center of attention, he's also very caring. Here he is with my grandfather. Pappy has Alzheimer's, and while I know Little Elvis doesn't understand what's going on, he's usually very kind to Pappy. They used to throw a ball together. Here, Little Elvis let Pappy hold Firetruck (favorite toy by far.) Little Elvis isn't scared of Pappy.

A friend and I were talking last year about what types of jobs we could see our kids doing, and I mentioned how great Little Elvis was with Pappy. While I know our child loves entertaining, I think working in a profession that cares about others might be in this sweet boy's future.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Big, growing boys

My sweet babies are all growing up! I get so involved with the everydayness of all of us that I sometimes don't realize how much they really are growing.
Cheese Puff is now sitting fairly confidently. He likes to sit, but if he loses concentration, he topples over. He's pretty good about falling back with his head held forward, so he doesn't get too hurt.
Baby Plum must have grown some. Or he's grown a bigger desire to climb this play area.
So, you have to look, but his legs are at the top of this step-thingy. He typically whines for me to help him scale that one particular section. But last week, my big 3-year-old decided that he could do it by himself! Yay for Baby Plum!
Little Elvis is also growing. He's certainly not growing out, but he's growing. Especially emotionally. At home, he still pitches some huge fits, but his teacher maintains that he's a dream. I think he's realized that fits aren't a good thing to pitch in public.
This little guy is standing on a tent at the play area in our mall. He's testing out the fit-pitching waters. But his language skills have grown exponentially! He speaks in complete sentences, and loves to narrate our lives. "Mommy, I got yogurt on my shirt.... I got yogurt on my shirt, Mommy." "Cheese Puff is sleeping, Mommy." "I need to go potty!" (So, so glad he's trying.) The people at the bank were very nice to us yesterday, and let us use their non-public restroom. I guess when someone runs in with a baby in a carseat and a 3-year-old, and asks if they can use the bathroom, they will break the rules.
My mom bought the boys silly string last weekend. They loved it. Baby Plum even helped us clean up the mess.
Here's more evidence of my big sitting baby. He's so sweet. I'm starting to get nervous about sitting him in the bassinet, because it looks like he wants to pull up! Sleep's not great right now, but I'm hoping it'll get better once he gets his top two teeth.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Party Plum is in the house!

So, the last week in September is crazy busy around here. We have 3 birthdays back-to-back-to-back. We've also got the big baby consignment sale, and other just stuff.

Anyway, Baby Plum had a big birthday. He turned 3 on Tuesday. We took him to Chuck E. Cheese's for supper. He and Little Elvis had a lot of fun. I didn't take any pictures. The boys were more into the rides this time, and didn't have just a ton of tickets. We've attempted the "drawn" photo booth thing twice now. The first time, we got the top of Little Elvis' head. This time, we got a great shot of Baby Plum, and the top/side of Little Elvis' head. Maybe at the next birthday celebration...They still got cheap little plastic thingies that seemed to make them happy.
On Wednesday, I brought cupcakes to Baby Plum's pre-school class. He also brought one of his favorite books to read. I ended up singing the little songs while he pushed the buttons. At home, he'll sing with me, and dance sometimes.
They made him a special birthday crown (that Little Elvis destroyed when he got home. He drew an X through Baby Plum's name, and wrote his own.) He also got to sit in a special chair. Cheese Puff just sat happily in his car seat.
Baby Plum had a Cookie Monster birthday party. I found this cake pan last year, and hoped he was still into Cookie. He was. I realize it's not professional looking, but Baby Plum seemed to like it. I made healthful chocolate cake with avocado. The kids mainly just ate the icing, which wasn't healthful.
I tried to find him a Cookie Monster shirt at the consignment sale. I went through every 4T shirt, and couldn't find anything! We looked at Wal-Mart on Friday night, and I finally just pulled out this t-shirt from last year.
You have to have cookies at a Cookie Monster party, and Baby Plum had been enjoying them before we brought out the birthday cake.
Both boys wearing their capes. Little Elvis also tore out this mask and the wrist guards from the book.
Woody came to our mall this weekend as well, so we also went to visit him.

It was a big, fun week for Baby Plum.

Whenever I ask him what he wants to eat, Baby Plum now tells me Chuck. E. Cheese.