Monday, October 22, 2012

A Smiling Cheese Puff and Straight A's!

My mom's cell phone is the only camera that gets pictures of my smiling baby. My camera has a red dot that pops up for the flash, and the red dot confuses him. I get lots and lots of pictures of confused baby. He's cute, but I really appreciate my smiling baby pics.

He's playing with one of my old baby toys. It's so funny how the boys gravitate to my old toys.

This picture was taken at McDonalds. Why did we go to McDonalds for supper last Thursday? Because Little Elvis got his first report card, and he had all A's! I also made cookies (while the above smiling baby screamed at me....)

Bob was at work, but my parents went with us. They bought the two older boys each a Happy Meal. I'm a bad mommy who doesn't do that. I don't see the point in paying extra for a toy that they will either break immediately and cry about, or they will forget about it after making me spend a long time placing tiny stickers all over it.

All of that to say, so glad my father bought them each their own. They got a little Halloween pail. They couldn't have shared that. They used to have little Halloween pails when I was little, and I'm glad they've continued that practice.

Also, they each got a little pack of apple slices that they both ate once we got home. While I probably won't get them each Happy Meals again very often, I like the whole apple slices thing.

I need to upload more pictures. While I'm writing this, Wally is helping to encourage Cheese Puff to crawl. He did the same thing with Little Elvis. Cheese Puff is really starting to stretch for things. Oh boy.


Blogger mpotter said...

absolutely love that picture! he is adorable, and i can totally understand about your little flash-light. grrrr.

yay for straight A's. how fun!

not that you asked, but i usually do get the happy meals b/c it seems cheaper since it comes together. and CFA gives out BOOKS.
and at McD's i always get the apple slices. but i'm the bad mommy who never gets the fries. (she can have 4 of mine). so they give me 2 apple packs. that with milk and i can just forgive the fact that she just had a hamburger from McD's.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Yes, what an awesome photo! I love it!

Congratulations to LE! So exciting! But my goodness, is it report card time already? Wow!

I had no idea about the Happy Meal - apple slice thing. Good to know!

1:32 PM  

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