Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Big, growing boys

My sweet babies are all growing up! I get so involved with the everydayness of all of us that I sometimes don't realize how much they really are growing.
Cheese Puff is now sitting fairly confidently. He likes to sit, but if he loses concentration, he topples over. He's pretty good about falling back with his head held forward, so he doesn't get too hurt.
Baby Plum must have grown some. Or he's grown a bigger desire to climb this play area.
So, you have to look, but his legs are at the top of this step-thingy. He typically whines for me to help him scale that one particular section. But last week, my big 3-year-old decided that he could do it by himself! Yay for Baby Plum!
Little Elvis is also growing. He's certainly not growing out, but he's growing. Especially emotionally. At home, he still pitches some huge fits, but his teacher maintains that he's a dream. I think he's realized that fits aren't a good thing to pitch in public.
This little guy is standing on a tent at the play area in our mall. He's testing out the fit-pitching waters. But his language skills have grown exponentially! He speaks in complete sentences, and loves to narrate our lives. "Mommy, I got yogurt on my shirt.... I got yogurt on my shirt, Mommy." "Cheese Puff is sleeping, Mommy." "I need to go potty!" (So, so glad he's trying.) The people at the bank were very nice to us yesterday, and let us use their non-public restroom. I guess when someone runs in with a baby in a carseat and a 3-year-old, and asks if they can use the bathroom, they will break the rules.
My mom bought the boys silly string last weekend. They loved it. Baby Plum even helped us clean up the mess.
Here's more evidence of my big sitting baby. He's so sweet. I'm starting to get nervous about sitting him in the bassinet, because it looks like he wants to pull up! Sleep's not great right now, but I'm hoping it'll get better once he gets his top two teeth.


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