Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Changing pre-conceived notions

It's a little jarring when you realize your ideas of your child have changed. The first time this happened, my mom was trying to talk me into buying a pair of slim jeans for 3-year-old Little Elvis. I told her my chubby baby was not slim. But he was, and still is.
Over the past few weeks, our very picky eater has finally decided to widen his horizons. He's been a fish fan for a few months now, but he's also trying (and liking) other meats and foods. He's still not going to sit down with a plate of broccoli, but it's a lot easier to feed Little Elvis these days.

He's also gotten a lot better at helping himself. I don't have to do everything for him anymore, and I don't have to force him to do things for himself. It's so nice.
Baby Plum has also changed his eating perferences. He doesn't like anything but sweets, dairy and fruit. I was kind of expecting this, and can only hope that he'll be open to more foods in a couple of years like his brother.

The bigger change for this sweet boy is his shyness. He's really not shy. I say he is, but he's not. Now, he's not like Little Elvis. He will not run into a room and announce his arrival to a bunch of strangers. But he will talk to people. He'll introduce himself, and will talk. He's more outgoing if his brother is around. Now if someone he's not super-familiar with approaches, he will stick by my side. I'm fine with this.

My stubborn boy has also made some great advances in the past couple of weeks. I would write about them, but I always seem to jinx us when I brag about those accomplishments. So, he's trying and doing well on two big fronts, and we are very proud of him.
This boy is funny. He's the baby of three. He's supposed to be laid back. And he is... if he's being held. But, if I have to sit him down to tend to a brother, he bawls. He also loves to get attention. He hates to be in the backseat by himself. He likes to have at least one brother back there with him.

And feedings are changing as well. He wants my undivided attention. Sometimes he doesn't want me to read, drink (I like to drink something cold when I'm sitting for a long stretch of time,) watch TV, or even talk. He's not fussy about it, but he'll hit at the book I'm holding and smile. He'll hit at my cup and smile. He'll pull off and stare at me until I look back at him, then he'll smile and go back to eating. If I go back to whatever I was doing, he'll pull off and we'll start all over again.

He's funny. And so, so cute.


Blogger mpotter said...

ohmigoodness. so funny about CP. okay- not exactly funny when you're trying to live your life.
i remember a littttle of that with littlegirl, but nothing quite so adamant.

the baby of the family.... already asking for attention. sounds like me! haha

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