Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting the money shot

We keep trying to get certain shots of Cheese Puff. (Please forgive the mess. The older boys genuinely like destroying the rooms I clean, and since it's the playroom, I try not to fuss too much.) In this shot, he was laughing uproariously at me... until the red dot hit his tummy.
 He was smiling very sweetly here.
 He was doing his new super cute, "old man." Bob was attempting to get this shot.
Cheese Puff was more interested in eating. He likes to try to suck on my chin when he wants to nurse and I'm not responding as quickly as he'd like.
 Little Elvis took this shot.
And here's the money shot. Poor baby needs those teeth to break through. I love this little look, but I want them to come through for him as well. They are just sitting there, right at the edge of his little gum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the "money shot". Also like the one with CP sucking on your chin. Shows the special bond you two have.
Grandpa Stew

10:18 AM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

So fun! I think the photos leading up to the money shot are fun, too!

12:35 PM  

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