Monday, October 15, 2012

Waiting on Mommy and Daddy... and teeth

My mom watched the boys on Friday afternoon while Bob and I attempted to squeeze our new couch through our front door.
"What's taking so long?"
"They should've taken me with them. I know I would be very helpful."
"I'm fine helping Gram on the computer."

So, tonight the big boys are sleeping in their room, in their separate beds, with just the door shut. But, they did start out with the double gates. Baby Plum was exhausted, which made everything a lot easier.

Cheese Puff is playing while I type this. During the day, Cheese Puff doesn't want me to put him down. And he's at his worst at supper/bath time. But, after the boys are in bed and he's had a nice nursing session, then he's a very happy boy. He laughs, giggles, plays with toys while either sitting or lying down. It's very nice. I know we're getting close to the time that he will go to sleep when his brothers do. I cherish these fun, happy moments. Although, I am looking forward to sleeping through the night. Silly, mean teeth.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Ah, teeth. Grrr.

But you know what? Noah has his first permanent tooth - and he didn't complain once about it. Thank goodness! Can you imagine going through the whole tooth thing twice with each child? And 32 teeth the second time around? I'm not even going to calculate how many years of childhood would (potentially) be spent dealing with tooth pain....

12:27 PM  

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