Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Best bruvvers

Little Elvis likes to spell things, and his teacher doesn't correct him. We've just been following her lead. He spells phonetically, and since he he pronounces his "th" sound either with a "vuh" or a "fuh," his spelling of those words can be confusing.

Yesterday he wrote about his bruver, Baby Plum. I've decided to at least focus more on his "th" sounds for the time being. We like to read "The Lorax" and focus on the th-sound in thneeds.
Anyway, our big boys are pretty good buddies... for the most part. They do fight over sharing electronics. Little Elvis is playing some computer game, and when I first walked by, Baby Plum had his arm wrapped around his big brother. It was sweet, but the moment passed by the time I got the camera.
Here they are in the play area at the mall. My mom took them, and said they did well. Lots of people tell me they don't look alike, but I think they do. They just have different hairstyles.

See Baby Plum's shirt? It's his favorite. I couldn't find him one for his birthday, but I did find one on ebay that I ordered. It's a size 5, but he doesn't care. He wears it as often as I clean it. It was a great purchase, shipping and all.

Little Elvis isn't as into his clothes. He's usually fine with whatever I lay out. Baby Plum wants to wear what he wants to wear. I'm typically fine with this, except on Sundays.

It's funny how totally opposite they are.
They love to go to Wal-Mart and visit the toy aisle. He loves to stare at the Sesame Street and Mickey toys. I think he would lose interest in these music/dancing/$50 stuffed animals very quickly. I'm sure Little Elvis was inspecting the superhero paraphernalia. Ah, the toy aisle. Wonder what types of toys will strike Cheese Puff's fancy.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I think they look similar, too! Especially in the mall photo!

N has the 'th' sound down, since it's in both his name and his best friend's. But it's a super hard sound for native German speakers to make. When I was teaching English to Germans, I use to tell them to put their tongue between their teeth to make it. That way, they would at least learn to make the sound 'th' and *when* they could confidently make the 'th' sound, then they could practice making it behind their top teeth like a native English speaker. (Because nobody wants to stick their tongue out to talk, right? We'd all look kind of crazy if we talked that way.)

Then again, 'vuh' is pretty darn cute, so maybe just go with it? ;-)

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