Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bumblebee comparison

Since their birthdays are so close, it's easy to do a comparison of Little Elvis and Cheese Puff at holidays.
Here is Little Elvis the bumblebee for his first Halloween.
Cheese Puff for his first Halloween. (I forgot about doing a flying pose to show off the sweet little wings.
Here's his little smile.
Little Elvis with Daddy on his first Halloween.
Cheese Puff with Daddy on his first Halloween.

At this point, I think Cheese Puff looks a lot more like Baby Plum. That's mainly because of the lighter eyes. Cheese Puff's eyes have a very faint brown tint in the center, but they are still mostly blue.

And Cheese Puff is already growing hair! He started last month. Little Elvis began growing hair at about 18 months. Baby Plum started at 11 months. Cheese Puff at 7.

All the boys have the same nose, though.
Not to be outdone, here is 1-month-old Baby Plum on his first Halloween. It's so hard to remember him being that small.


Blogger mpotter said...

no kidding!
i had no idea that was plum.

i can't tell who looks like anyone. nothing is quite striking to me.

7:48 PM  

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