Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cheese Puff's hijinx

Cheese Puff is getting so big! And he's accomplishing more and more.
Here he's actually smiling while playing in the doorway jumper. Little Elvis adored this thing. Baby Plum didn't. Cheese Puff's usually nonplussed by it. But sometimes he'll bounce for  5 minutes quite happily. I love those 5 minutes!
He's learning to smile for the camera. Isn't it a sweet smile? He's surrounded by toys, because Baby Plum brings them to him. Baby Plum's feet are in the top left corner. Cheese Puff has no need to crawl, because if he fusses enough, Baby Plum will get him something.
He got caught playing guitar. He wasn't in trouble, but I think he was more interested in playing the guitar than posing for the camera. Daddy was very happy to hear this.
I think we might finally have an art lover in our family. Baby Plum and Little Elvis left the art box out the other day, and Cheese Puff was thrilled to find it. That smile is genuine. He had a blast! Thankfully, he couldn't get any of the tops off of the markers or playdough. He did sample an orange crayon, though.
This is Cheese Puff attempting to crawl. He's surrounded by lots of toys, some of which I was hoping would entice him to crawl.
When he saw that I had the camera out, he stopped to smile for me.
All of this new activity wears a baby out. Sweet little baby. Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby.
Except for maybe two sweet sleeping brothers. They are equally sweet.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

So true about about the sweetness of sleep! Such neat photos! I feel like I can really 'see' personality emerging on Cheese Puff!

9:24 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

wow. getting so big.
and how cool is that that the boys were sleeping together??? and you could capture it on film, no less!

so cute

10:03 PM  

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