Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cute picture catchup

We took the boys to vote this afternoon. I should have taken a picture, because Little Elvis was dressed as Captain America for our errand. He had his trusty sidekick, Baby Plum at his side. They were wild, but we wanted them to know that voting is important.

As we were headed out, Baby Plum told me he was ready to go "bote!" I hate that I didn't take a picture.

Here are some cute ones that I did manage to take, though.
It was warm the other morning, so the babies chillaxed. Here's another sweet Cheese Puff smile.
Baby Plum reading Cheese Puff a book about trucks. Cheese Puff is sucking on his thumb. Grr.
Baby Plum decided to decorate my Halloween socks with stickers. This child just loves to stick stickers to things.
He was ready for his close-up after the sticking was done.
Cheese Puff wanted his taken as well. I know, it was a little too close with the flash.
Cheese Puff beaming while helping me with the laundry. I think all of my recent pics have laundry in them.
I think he's trying to decide if he should "help" me resort the laundry.

One of Cheese Puff's top teeth finally popped through yesterday! The other one hasn't made it yet, but he's already more willing to let me put him down. Yay!


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