Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little Elvis and Baby Plum go to the zoo

I've not been doing a good job keeping up with events on the blog. Cheese Puff likes to be held, and Baby Plum's a big helper. This keeps me from getting online. I've also been completing some projects.

Two weekends ago, we took the boys to the zoo. They had a blast. The weather was great.
 Here they are celebrating. They have such a zest for life, and tend to celebrate just about everything.

 Getting hatched. A pretty big egg, huh?
Riding a cow.

They couldn't fit inside this egg together.
Little Elvis as Genghis Khan.
Baby Plum as Genghis Khan. Not sure why they had this as an option. I'm guessing it had something to do with the pandas. I know, I could have read the stuff written beside their heads. But they don't exactly take time to stop and really "look" at things. They kind of run by stuff, maybe stand on their tip toes, and then say, "cool!" and run to the next thing.
Cheese Puff rode in the stroller. He seemed to enjoy himself as well.
We got a season pass from my mom's friends when Cheese Puff was born. We've been several times, and it's a nice daytrip.
The boys love it, because not only do we get to go to the zoo, but we also get to go to Target and Costco.


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