Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving party, Turkey Trotting and sweetly singing

Last week was a busy one for our little family. We had Baby Plum's Thanksgiving party, Little Elvis had a Turkey Trot to participate in, and the boys sang at church (they did that on Sunday, and honestly, I didn't have to do anything other than hand them over to the teachers.)But lots going on for them. A super-busy week.
At Baby Plum's pre-school, the moms pick one party a year to "host." I picked Thanksgiving along with two other women. One of them volunteered to do goodie bags. She texted me the morning of the party to say she didn't get the goody bags, and she wasn't going to be there. Lovely. I rushed back home, and picked up a bag of pretzel bags I got on clearance after Halloween, the tootsie pops we bought for Halloween (only had 2 guests) and some little play doughs that I bought as party favors a while ago. We put their "goodies" in sandwich bags. I'm sure the kids didn't mind. I was frustrated about all of the gas used getting to and from pre-school.

Baby Plum had fun, and the pin the tail on the turkey game I made was a hit with most of the kids. His teachers seem to love him lots. It's very easy to do.
Little Elvis' Turkey Trot was also fun. It was a fundraiser for the school. The kids had to walk/run laps, and we pledged money per lap.

Knowing my little man, I assumed he'd do 5 laps tops. He did not. I helped count the laps of half of the kids in his class, and he did the most laps in my group! Mommy gets to write a much bigger check for his school than anticipated. He seemed to have fun, and did most of the laps wearing his little feather headband.
Cheese Puff, Baby Plum and Gram and Coachpa came to watch the festivities. Coachpa held Cheese Puff, and he clapped to the music. (Daddy is getting very excited about how all of his boys seem to love music.)
Baby Plum danced. They played that "Dynamite" song, and he boogied.

After the race, they took pictures of the classes. Baby Plum sat in on the shot. He was kind of a part of Little Elvis' class last year, and I guess he'll do it again this year. He was so excited to finally get to be with his big brother.
The boys singing at church. Little Elvis is on the top row, far left. Baby Plum is on the bottom row, far left. They did a great job. Little Elvis liked his Sunday coat so much that he wore it through the entire service.

This week, we are all out of school. I'm getting so much accomplished! Our bedroom furniture redo is done, and I've sold our old furniture and couch. I've decided to paint our ugly bedroom doors in different patterns. I'm more than halfway done with the older boys' door. I'm doing geometric shapes, and it's a pain! But I think (hope!) it will look as cool in reality as it does in my head. I have 2 other projects as well, but they aren't as exciting. Still, it's so great to get a chance to do this stuff since Bob is home to entertain the boys! Yay!


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