Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas update

It's been a while since I last posted. We had a very plentiful Christmas. The boys were beyond spoiled.
Here they are in their fancy Christmas clothes. Cheese Puff is modeling a sweet little hat that Little Elvis used to wear.
I got sick on Christmas Eve, and missed half of our Christmas celebrations. Bob had to take the boys by himself. They were good. They didn't get socks this year. Instead, they got a Lightning McQueen, Finn McMissile and Mater. Little Elvis also got a Captain America action figure. Baby Plum got a stuffed Mickey Mouse and two new Cookie Monster shirts.
Cheese Puff has an ear infection, which we think might have started on Christmas Eve. He wouldn't let anyone but Bob hold him for the celebration that I missed. He got stuff, but really wasn't all that into it.

All 3 of our boys slept in on Christmas morning. I have no idea why that happens, because Little Elvis was so excited that he got up at 1 on Christmas Eve morning.

Santa bought early, because Santa is just like that around here. It kind of came back to bite Santa on the rear. Little Elvis' interests changed a lot from the end of September and October. Santa bought Little Elvis a scooter and a Disney Rush video game for the XBox. He also got him a cool United States Doodle Map and super hero toothbrushes. (He decided in December that he wanted an Innotab 2. Gram and Coachpa got him one. He was a little mopey until he opened it at their house. Grandpa Stew and Gramma Shan got him the big Captain America toy he's playing with in the video.)

Santa got Baby Plum a big keyboard and a stuffed Cookie Monster, and he got Cheese Puff got little leather learning to walk shoes. They are at ages that are much easier to please.

I think they all had a good Christmas. They got so much! They have so many people who love them, and get them things. They are very lucky little boys.

And Santa's gifts turned out to be successful. Both boys have enjoyed scootering around the house, since it's too cold to scooter outside. And it's cute watching Little Elvis play his Disney Rush game. Baby Plum's not super into his keyboard yet, but I think he will be. Especially if I leave him alone about it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sweet boys... literally

The boys love our baking season. They get to lick the beaters and the bowls.
This usually means we have some very, very happy boys. Look at that smile.
He's our much messier eater.
This poor baby didn't get any. OK, so this was taken at a different time. This was taken last Friday night. We took the older boys to see "Disney on Ice." My mom kept a very unhappy Cheese Puff. The show came on during his nurse/bedtime. My mom said he cried for an hour. He's a super-cute crier, though.

The show was great. We managed to get free tickets in some great seats. We saw Lightning and Mater drive on the ice, and we saw a great re-enactment of Toy Story 3. Our boys had a great time, and it was great to hug them tightly while we watched. Baby Plum sat on Bob's lap, and I held Little Elvis. We are so, so lucky

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Enjoying his first Christmas he might remember

Baby Plum is enjoying the season. Judging from Little Elvis' memories, I think Baby Plum will remember some of this one.
My mom and I went to Old Navy the other day for some coupon deal. He's pretending to be a mannequin here. He loved the mannequins. (He's wearing his second favorite shirt here.)
Before we left, he showed the tree off to my mother. The ornament is an old picture of Little Elvis, but it looks more like Baby Plum.
Shopping and Christmas decoration showing off wore a baby out. This is how he looks most afternoons when we go to pick up Little Elvis.
They painted his little nose red last week at pre-school. All of the kids came out with reddish noses like Rudolph. He was very proud of his nose.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Standing up and moving on

Sweet Cheese Puff is a baby on the move these days.
He first pulled up on our step stool in the kitchen. His big brothers were so sweet. Little Elvis was on his hands and knees congratulating Cheese Puff, and telling him how proud he was of him. Baby Plum was parroting everything his big brother said. Cheese Puff was very praised for this accomplishment.
He's taken to crawling while holding his juice cup between his teeth. I didn't catch that super cute action, but he's cute here, too. Look at those baby blues!
He pulled up on the ottoman, but lost his balance by the time my camera was ready.
All of that pulling up and crawling wore a baby out. This NEVER happens. Ever. This baby thinks his mommy should nurse him to sleep, or his daddy should sway him to sleep. Those shoes? So cute, right? They are no more. He lost one on one of our errands today. I'm so frustrated with myself over this. I try very hard to save us money, and anytime I feel like it's been wasted, I get mad at myself. The shoes were a little big, and he'd kicked one off the day before. I should have put him in thicker socks, paid more attention, or just not let him wear them. I've bid on some on ebay, but doubt that I'll get them. Old Navy has some, but they aren't as nice as the one he lost. Grr. The good news that I haven't gotten him any Christmas presents yet, so he will now have something in his stocking. Any crafty ideas for one little shoe?
I know the video is grainy, but I got this of him crawling at church. His older brothers were singing in the choir that morning. I wasted all of the batteries in the camera on this video. Sorry about that, Little Elvis and Baby Plum. Little Elvis got to hold an 'E' up, and Baby Plum held his shirt up through most of the performance. It was cute.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fancy pictures!

Be prepared... it's a lot of pictures!
Bob has access to a super-fancy camera -- the kind with the detachable lens. He tested it out by taking some great pictures of the boys.
We've been trying to get a good shot of Cheese Puff for something special. He got lots of great options. That's his sweet face.
His giggling-at-silly-Mommy face.
His serious expression.
His very happy, contagious laugh.
How awesome is this picture? Looks like Little Elvis is a little jedi. He's not really into Star Wars, but give him a light up wand thing, and he acts like he watches the movie diligently, complete with "zhoom" noises.
We also decided to get a Christmas picture shot. There's a cool tree in our neighborhood with a sideways fork in the trunk. I love these trees, and thought we should use it if possible.
All of the boys were game. Baby Plum couldn't stop watching Cheese Puff.
I really like the detail of these pictures.
More sweet Cheese Puff expressions. Here's mischievous boy. He thought it was funny to try and jump off of the couch and watch my reaction.
I'm sorry for trying to jump off the couch Mommy.
Like my socks that don't match my outfit? Let's get them in the picture.

I'm not a techno person, and don't have to have the latest and greatest of most gadget-y things. But these pictures are pretty amazing compared to our normal quality. But I'm also not a person who would carry around a fancy camera with lens. I barely remember to bring along our little point-and- shoot digital camera. And the older boys can't keep their hands off our current camera. I would hate to have a fancy camera that they might (will) destroy. These pictures are a nice treat.

Friday, December 07, 2012

He's crawling!

Cheese Puff's mobile! He's been on the cusp of crawling for about a week. He'd go just a few inches, and stop. Now he's on the move, and into everything!
And now that he's figured out how to get around on all fours, there's no stopping him. The other morning I sat him in the playroom and snuck out to put something in the car. When I came back, he had crawled the 5 or 6 feet to reach one of our cat's (Slappy's) food dish and was happily munching on cat food. We've kept the food dishes separate for our skinny cat (Slappy) and our fat cat (Wally) so that Slappy is sure to get some food each day. Looks like we may have to rethink this and let Slappy fend for herself now that Cheese Puff wants to supplement his diet with her food.

This morning I again sat him down in the playroom with Baby Plum and gave Plum strict instructions not to allow Puff to eat the cat food while I dashed off to take a quick shower. When I got out, I found that Cheese Puff had passed up the cat food for other adventures -- he had crawled a good thirty feet out into the kitchen and was crying (perhaps he was lost?). What was Plum doing during all this? Standing two feet in front of the television -- transfixed and oblivious to everything else.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Stickers and great pictures

What do you when you get a whole lot of stickers, and you need a place to stick them?
You put them on Mommy's hands while she nurses your baby brother, of course. Baby Plum still loves stickers, he just likes to share the wealth more now. Instead of putting them all in the same place on his chest, he puts them on my feet or hands.
We tried to make candied apples with my mom before Thanksgiving. We didn't have a candy thermometer, and weren't sure what the "soft ball" stage of caramel was. I'm surprised that Little Elvis and Baby Plum still have their baby teeth, and that we still have our fillings. Baby Plum has a mouth full of the "caramel" substance we made. He gave up on it. Little Elvis peeled the caramel off so he could eat the apple, which is his current favorite fruit.

Cheese Puff was lucky that he wasn't allowed to eat the caramel apples. He was happy to watch us struggle.

Then, he was just super cute. He's really into clapping these days.
Smiling sweetly. He's a super sweet little baby.