Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas update

It's been a while since I last posted. We had a very plentiful Christmas. The boys were beyond spoiled.
Here they are in their fancy Christmas clothes. Cheese Puff is modeling a sweet little hat that Little Elvis used to wear.
I got sick on Christmas Eve, and missed half of our Christmas celebrations. Bob had to take the boys by himself. They were good. They didn't get socks this year. Instead, they got a Lightning McQueen, Finn McMissile and Mater. Little Elvis also got a Captain America action figure. Baby Plum got a stuffed Mickey Mouse and two new Cookie Monster shirts.
Cheese Puff has an ear infection, which we think might have started on Christmas Eve. He wouldn't let anyone but Bob hold him for the celebration that I missed. He got stuff, but really wasn't all that into it.

All 3 of our boys slept in on Christmas morning. I have no idea why that happens, because Little Elvis was so excited that he got up at 1 on Christmas Eve morning.

Santa bought early, because Santa is just like that around here. It kind of came back to bite Santa on the rear. Little Elvis' interests changed a lot from the end of September and October. Santa bought Little Elvis a scooter and a Disney Rush video game for the XBox. He also got him a cool United States Doodle Map and super hero toothbrushes. (He decided in December that he wanted an Innotab 2. Gram and Coachpa got him one. He was a little mopey until he opened it at their house. Grandpa Stew and Gramma Shan got him the big Captain America toy he's playing with in the video.)

Santa got Baby Plum a big keyboard and a stuffed Cookie Monster, and he got Cheese Puff got little leather learning to walk shoes. They are at ages that are much easier to please.

I think they all had a good Christmas. They got so much! They have so many people who love them, and get them things. They are very lucky little boys.

And Santa's gifts turned out to be successful. Both boys have enjoyed scootering around the house, since it's too cold to scooter outside. And it's cute watching Little Elvis play his Disney Rush game. Baby Plum's not super into his keyboard yet, but I think he will be. Especially if I leave him alone about it.


Blogger mpotter said...

you know, santa was a little of a bust over here, too.
not because she asked for anything specific... (i may have already said, but she asked for 3 things. santa brought her one of them)... the little girl doesn't have any defined interests over here, which is both good and bad.
but she was kinda honest when she opened the roller skates. "i didn't ask for those!" (mobile toys tend to stress her out)

even the hit toy we got her lost it's favor after she was sick and played with it on the couch for a few days. (leapfrog Tag)

still waiting for the wide-eyed-gasp picture to happen.
maybe next year....

8:39 AM  

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