Thursday, December 13, 2012

Enjoying his first Christmas he might remember

Baby Plum is enjoying the season. Judging from Little Elvis' memories, I think Baby Plum will remember some of this one.
My mom and I went to Old Navy the other day for some coupon deal. He's pretending to be a mannequin here. He loved the mannequins. (He's wearing his second favorite shirt here.)
Before we left, he showed the tree off to my mother. The ornament is an old picture of Little Elvis, but it looks more like Baby Plum.
Shopping and Christmas decoration showing off wore a baby out. This is how he looks most afternoons when we go to pick up Little Elvis.
They painted his little nose red last week at pre-school. All of the kids came out with reddish noses like Rudolph. He was very proud of his nose.


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